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Photography Art Cafe is a learning resource for photographers of all levels. The aim is to accelerate your improvement as a photographer through tutorials that explore the key ingredients - technical and creative - of eye-catching photography.

There is also a wealth of information on great photographers (both historical and contemporary) and their work. With any luck, discovering the amazing images these guys have produced will inspire you even more to master the exciting art of photography.


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Photography Tips

These photography tips will help you understand your camera better and use it to create stunning photos!

I have provided explanations of digital photography basics that everyone needs to get to grips with in order to make progress. Just a few simple controls will give free reign to your creativity!

But there's always more to learn... What makes for strong composition? How do you do justice to beautiful landscapes? You'll find practical answers to these kinds of questions in these articles on taking better pictures.

Finally, there's the rather dull necessity of making sense of photography equipment. But, actually, the more you learn the more useful and interesting it all becomes!

So I want to introduce you to the key bits of kit with short, sharp explanations of the main facts - avoiding jargon at all times!


Post-processing is the work done on a photo after it has been taken, in preparation for printing and display.

For digital photographers of all levels, Photoshop is such an incredible resource that makes great results possible in quick time.

It's also a lot of fun to use! But everyone needs some guidance to get the most from it and avoid common pitfalls. So check out these step-by-step tutorials on how to use Photoshop.

You'll find plenty of helpful information on printing digital pictures. This needn't be the maddeningly frustrating area it can sometimes seem!

I want to help you understand your printer better and also get to know the best online photo printing services around.

With beautiful prints at the ready, all that remains is to frame and display them! Photography Art Cafe features comprehensive articles on both framing pictures and arranging pictures, to guide you through the aesthetic and practical considerations.

The Art of Photography

Looking at great photographs is a real pleasure. They are incredible windows on other places, people, times and events.

Enjoying the the products of someone else's vision, though, can also be a brilliant way to rejuvenate your own eye for a picture.

So, I want to help you discover the art of photography by introducing you to some great photographers, pointing you towards inspiring exhibitions and suggesting some outstanding books.

Visit Photography Art Cafe's section on famous photographers, where you'll find biographies, lists of names, information and discussions. I've also compiled several pages of my favourite famous photography quotes.

What are the best photography books out there? I've selected and reviewed the real gems in my library, including coffee table photo books and digital photography guides. How about digital photography magazines too? Find the titles worth looking out for, based on my own experience and subscriptions.

I keep an eye out for promising fine art photography exhibitions running all over the world, and let you know about them.

Plus, why not join our discussion on the definition of fine art photography? I know it's endless - and probably pointless - but still fun!

Buying and Selling

Selling photographs is not difficult. But for lots of keen amateurs there's a big difference between the thought, and putting it into practice! "Where to start?", "Are my shots good enough?", "Who wants them?" Sound familiar...?!

I really want to show you some of the simple things that you can do to create some extra income from your ability to take great pictures.

In particular, I want to help you make good use of the internet. Have a look at the articles on how to sell photos online to get the ideas flowing! Topics include photography website templates, stock photo websites and art marketing techniques.

There are also guides on how to sell photos offline. This can be fun and bring more immediate rewards - with a bit of organisation!

Plus, if you're buying pictures or photography presents, there's a section on photo gifts with plenty of information, reviews, suggestions and ideas to give you a helping hand.

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