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March 09, 2011

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Here's the Photography Art Cafe newsletter for March...


Great Photographers


There's a lot of new content about famous photographers and their work at Photography Art Cafe. Browsing through the galleries of some of my all time favourite photographers recently has reminded me of why I love photography...and given me lots of cool ideas!

Take sport for example. I think it's an often overlooked subject. Landscapes, portaits, street scenes - they often attract us more. But sport is a goldmine.

Just think of that incredible, world famous photo of Mohammed Ali looming victoriously over the KO'd Sonny Liston in their 1965 fight. Neil Leifer took the shot - and he spent a long career with Sports Illustrated producing similarly breathtaking images from right across the world of sport. He also - completely unfairly - managed to forge career No.2 as one of Time magazine's finest ever photojournalists!

Check out the work of any of these amazing sports photographers and you'll be itching to take your camera to a game. The conflict, passion, determination, tension - it's all there waiting for your camera! Also, check out these tips for sports photography I recently wrote.

Is there a photograph or photographer you can't get enough of!?

Write your own page for Photography Art Cafe here.

I've been revisting my favourite landscape photographers too. I (just!) managed to whittle them down to a list of 10 - here they are. At the moment I'm loving Charlie Waite's images. He seems to be drawn to orderdeness - but orderdness that's at least partially naturally occuring.

Waite began his career working in the theatre and he developed an interest in fine tuning light. He likes precision, perfection. He seems to be able to find some kind of perfection in the natural world almost more than any other landscape photographer I know of. Everything seems simple, calming, neat - in its perfect place. But this belies the fact that his shots are highly distilled visions from a master photographer. If you've not seen his work - please check it out!

There is also a new list of great fashion photographers at Photography Art Cafe. Fashion photography is fun! It's all about aesthetics and how things look. But there's more to aesthetics than aesthetics! These fashion photographers explore how we feel about beauty, the body, sex, gender divides and materialsm.

I'm a huge fan of Richard Avedon and the way he brought his models to life emotionally. I also think Giovanni Gastel produces really interesting images that play with the viewer's perception and take us out of a comfort zone!

Finally, I've drawn up a list of some of the great American photographers. I thought it would be interesting to look at 10 major photographers from America in the genres of documentary, landscape, portrait, war and fashion. Collectively these people have had a big role in shaping our visual image of the world we live in and its recent history.

So, please check out all the new info on these brilliant and inspiring photographers. Here's the list of pages:

Is there a photographer who you are passionate about!? Everyone has a photo or a photographer they can't get enough of! Write your own page for Photography Art Cafe here.



So What Else is New?


It's not all been about famous photography recently! Here are some other recent articles:

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Nick Brandt Biography



Quotable Quote and Picture of the Month


This month's Photography Art Lovers features one of my all time favourite photography quotes and one of the coolest fashion photos ever taken, by Giovanni Gastel.


Quotable Quote:

Consulting the rules of composition before taking a photograph, is like consulting the laws of gravity before going for a walk.

- Edward Weston


This month's photo:

Madame Germania



That's it for the newsletter this month! I hope you enjoy discovering the pictures by some of the photographers I've been writing about recently.

If you have any questions about anything photography related, I always like it when you get in touch and will be as helpful as I can!

See you soon at Photography Art Cafe,

Happy shooting!

Josh Austin


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