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January 21, 2011

Where and when did you start learning about photography?

Everyone has a camera, but the urge to use it to its full potential strikes people at different times.

Some are hooked from shot 1. Others become inspired by great photography and strive to reproduce it. Some develop an interest slowly over many years.

I was thinking recently how itís very tricky for many people to know where to turn when they are keen to become better photographers.

A formal course is often too time-consuming. The internet, with its free tutorial sites like my very own Photography Art Cafť (!), is a wonderful and convenient resource. But it lacks the tutor-student relationship thatís so important to improve and gain confidence with anything.

Then I realized that a few of the online photography courses I have done actually strike the perfect balance. They offer the best of both worlds: loads of great information, lessons and assignments, plus a personal tutor with whom to communicate and to present your work to.

The courses from Proud Photography are, in my view, top of the pile. I suppose theyíre the ultimate example of the digital and internet age working at full tilt! Everything you could expect from a top quality photography course, but for a fraction of the price, without having to leave your home and with no time constraints.

Iíve written a full description of the 5 brilliant courses available through Proud Photography here:

The Best Online Digital Photography Courses

Check it out and see whether itís for you. Have you felt that urge to be a better photographer recently? If you have, these could be the perfect solution!

What's New at Photography Art Cafe?

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This Month's Very Cool Photo...

A classic National Geographic shot this - amazing colours and fascinating subject matter. An inspiring example of underwater photography! Tarpon and Silversides

This Month's Quotable Quote...

Above all, I craved to seize the whole essence, in the confines of one single photograph, of some situation that was in the process of unrolling itself before my eyes - Henri Cartier Bresson

More famous photography quotes

I hope you're finding some time to get out there with your camera at the moment. Remember, this is a great time of year to shoot at dawn. Before you know it we'll be into 4.00am sunrises!

Look forward to seeing you at Photography Art Cafe,

Best Regards,

Josh Austin

Photography Art Cafe

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