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Art and Photography

by Cuisle West

Well, it seems to me that if draping sheets on buildings or flinging poo on to canvas - or any other such medium for that matter - is considered art, then photography has a right to share space in the world of art as well.

Plus, when you consider that it's really only the opinion of the viewer or the critic that determines what is judged as art, or not, I think that says it all.

Photographic art isn't always about factual recording. That original images are often manipulated, fractured and processed into completely different forms indicates the creative intent of photographers.

The inspiration for a photograph can be gleaned from the imagination of the photographer, who creates a thing as yet unseen - but, they hope, interesting. The process begins in the mind's eye of the photographer, much as with a painter, sculptor or poet who produces stunning - or sometimes not so stunning - art.

So art appears to be in the eye of the beholder just as much as beauty is.

Check out the work of Robert Demachy, or the beautifully touching images of other advocates of the 'Pictorialist Movement', and see if you don't agree that there are varied and wonderful forms of photgraphic art.

I consider my camera in the same way any artist might consider his/her paintbrush or stylus: As the inanimate object that brings my vision/dreams/ideas into the here and now.

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