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The Very Best Photography Books In My Growing Collection

best photography books

Trying to find the best photography books can be a tedious business. It's a popular subject and there is a glut of publications every year, each claiming to be the authority on this or the indispensible guide to that!

But it's fantastic to have a few guides that can be revisted time and again for useful tips. It's also great to be able to immerse yourself in some top quality coffee books full of inspiring images.

I have bought the odd duffer by mistake in the past! But there are some real gems in my collection too! The ones I've reviewed here are just brilliant - constant sources of information and inspiration.


Books For Improving Your Photography

I think photography should never be boring! Reading tips on digital photography ought to fill you with the desire to charge out and test your new knowledge.

So what kind of tips on digital photography will help you start taking better pictures immediately? Which books offer jargon free, practical basic photography tips and ideas for helping you improve?

Well, the books reviewed here are at the top of my list. They cut straight to the chase and share some invaluable tricks of the trade on taking better pictures and composing images.

Since reading the brilliant tips for digital photography in these books I've been a much better photographer! You will be too. I thoroughly recommend them.

You can also check out these brief photography books reviews, where guest contributing photographer, Mark Fenwick, has shared his thoughts on the 2 best photography books in his personal collection.

Review: Photo Nuts and Bolts by Neil Creek

My review of this Digital Photography School guide intended to show beginners how to understand and use their cameras.

The Photography Crash Course: 17 Short Lessons To Camera Mastery


Photoshop Guides

Before investing in a few Adobe Photoshop books I relied on a few nifty tricks garnered from magazines, whilst falling into just about every other pitfall there is when it came to other areas.

It's impossible to know how to use Photoshop effectively without some pointers, warnings and tips. These are the best photography books on Adobe Photoshop that I know of, and will fill you in brilliantly.

I have found them simple, clear and informative. Packed with Photoshop essentials, Photoshop ideas and some of the handiest Photoshop tricks around, they will stand you in good stead. One offers Photoshop Elements tips whilst the other guides the reader through CS4. Read my reviews here.


Coffee Table Photography Books

There's nothing like casually thumbing through the pages of an inspiring coffee table photo book and getting lost in all the amazing images!

Plus, there's nothing better to spur you on in your own photography than seeing what can be done with a camera in the hands of someone like Henri Cartier Bresson. It's probably better than reading tips on digital photography.

I've reviewed three of the very best photography books that I own here. They are wonderful collections from the work of Steve MCurry, Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier Bresson. The production quality does justice to the photographers' work, and the prices aren't scary! Check out my reviews.

Review of The Unguarded Moment, by Steve McCurry

Of all the coffee table books that I own, this is the one that I return to most frequently. I get a feeling of excitement every time I open it.


"On Photography" By Susan Sontag

After getting a bit more involved in photography it's impossible not to start asking some questions about it: Is photography art? Why do people take pictures? How do photos affect the way we see the world?

There's one analysis in particular which anyone asking these kinds of questions should get hold of. Susan Sontag's On Photography is very well known, and definitely makes my list of recommended photography books. Here's my review.



I hope you find this brief reviews helpful and informative. I've loved reading and looking at all of these books, so I hope you get as much out of them as I have. They're definitely some of the best photography books around!

Of course my collection of books is always growing (getting to public library proportions now actually!), and there are loads of other great publications out there, so search around.

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