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Best Photoshop Tutorials Online

Want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop fast?

the best photoshop tutorials

For many people, the best Photoshop tutorials are in an easy to follow video format.

When I was first tangling with the enigmas of Photoshop as a total beginner, most of my learning was through high quality video lessons. It's just a whole lot easier when someone is actually talking you through what to do, as well as showing you on screen.

So, although I've made it my goal to explain Photoshop tips and tricks to you as clearly as possible on this site, I just wanted to share a brilliant video resource with you too.

It makes learning Photoshop easy and fun. In fact, I think it's one of the best starting points for beginners.

What are the alternatives? A local college course: too time consuming for most people. Learning everything from scratch through written tutorials: now that takes some discipline!

So I was actually pretty lucky to stumble on the Learn Photoshop Now: Photoshop Fast Track for Newbies video lessons designed by David Peters. They were a pleasure to work through and, along with the CD's that came with my favourite mag, Digital Photo Magazine, provided the ideal introduction to Photoshop for me.

You'll soon be able to give your portrait pics a professional make-over like this!


What makes these Photoshop videos different?

Well basically, you get instruction from someone who understands what it is to be a beginner. You won't find yourself lost in a foreign world with jargon bouncing off the walls! That was something I really appreciated. best photoshop tutorials

These videos start from the beginning, with the bare Photoshop essentials, and work their way up to more sophisticated techniques.

This approach definitely makes these amongst the best Photoshop tutorials online. It's not just someone unloading their knowledge in a relentless flow of 'instructions'. It's aimed at you, to help you understand Photoshop, starting from the beginning.


What do you actually get with the videos?

best photoshop tutorials online

There are 14 videos. The first 2 introduce you to the general environment of Photoshop and help you make sense of it.

So many Photoshop tutorials assume everything is familiar and obvious to you immediately. But these videos are the best Photoshop tutorials online because they make sure you're confident with the Photoshop essentials first.

After the first 2 videos you then get stuck straight into learning cool Photoshop tips and tricks that will be used over and over again for creating professional standard images.


For instance...

Basically, David Peters' Learn Photoshop Now: Photoshop Fast Track for Newbies covers all the Photoshop essentials, plus a whole range of useful tricks that you will find yourself repeating time and again as you process digital photos through Photoshop.


Do you ever get annoyed by underexposed photos?


What if it's not what you'd hoped for?

There is a 100% refund guranteed on the Learn Photoshop Now video tutorials, which can be claimed at any point in the 56 days following your purchase.

So they're obviously pretty pleased with the videos! But you can just get the money straight back if you don't like them for some reason.


Is It For You? Pro's v Con's

In my opinion the Learn Photoshop Now system is first rate. But it might not be what everyone wants.

Sometimes a book is better because you can flip it open and remind yourself of a technique at any time, wherever you are. Photoshop books are great to have by your computer as handy references when you get stuck.

Some people are happier following written instructions because it lodges in their mind more easily and they remember it for next time.

But for many, video lessons are ideal. Spoken instruction combined with visual instruction is such a powerful and easy way of learning, especially when something is new.

It's also more fun to actually see the techniques you are discovering being performed step-by-step in a video.

Finally, the big idea behind these videos is to teach beginners the basics of Photoshop fast!

They are aimed at people who are not computer geniuses but would really like to get to grips with the amazing potential of Photoshop, quickly.


best photoshop tutorials online

If you're keen to quickly gain confidence in Photoshop and like the idea of video tutorials, visit the Learn Photoshop Now: Photoshop Fast Track for Newbies website to find out more.



Good Alternatives

Amongst the other options for learning Photoshop that I think are worth recommending:

"Photoshop for Photographers Course". This is a well organized online course, which you can do entirely from home, and includes support and feedback from professional photographers. It's top notch.

Free CD's with Digital Photo Magazine. I've learnt loads from the Photoshop walkthroughs that come on CD with this mag. Definitely some of the best Photoshop tutorials I've come across.

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