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My Favourite Places To Buy Photo Prints: Magnum, Redbubble, Allposters and More

I thought I would share a few ideas on where to buy photo prints online, based on my own experiences. I recently decorated my first ever flat (apartment), which was unbelievably fun! Obviously part of the process was choosing images for the walls, and as a photography fan I had to have some great quality framed photo prints. Here are some of the places I frequented in my search...

Magnum Photos - The Kings Of Photography

The Magnum archives house some of the most brilliant photos ever taken. A trip to their website is worth it just to have a browse. There are thousands of images of significant events, places and people from the second half of the 20th century and 21st. But it's the incredible skill of the photographers' that make these pictures so special.

No bland, characterless celebrity portraits here, or cliched news reporting. The photos keep drawing you back to them, retaining their force and raising new questions on the second...third...fourth viewing.

Needless to say Magnum do a pretty good job on the printing! These are special items and sometimes you’ll have to pay for prints that are produced only as limited editions. Cheaper posters are available too, as are rare photography books.

Work by living photographers tends to be signed, and prints by past Magnum photographers is stamped with the mark of their estate. There are some real collector prints available.

A warning before I give you this link: Don't click through to Magnum unless you have some time on your hands - because you won't get any work done for a while if you get sucked into the galleries... Magnum Photos Store.


Galleries On Sites Like Etsy, RedBubble etc - Hidden Gems

I've often written about sites such as Etsy and Redbubble on Photography Art Cafe, as oppoprtunities for photographers to sell work. But I also love visiting them as a buyer!

These sites are basically large collections of galleries belonging to many different photographers and artists (and craftspeople, artisans etc on Etsy). One of my big priorities when decorating my flat was to avoid cliched images that pop up everywhere. So scouting around galleries by talented, often amateur, photographers from around the world provided rich pickings. I definitely recommend a browse.


Allposters - Value and Range

Although it's a giant, and it's nicer to discover hidden gems on sites like Etsy, Allposters is a very useful site for anyone looking to buy photo prints. The range of galleries is huge, the framing options are extensive and the prices are very fair indeed.

I especially love Allposters' collection of images from famous magazines and organizations. Quite a lot of the world's most inspiring photography belongs to collections owned by various companies or magazines. Famous scenes, faces, places and events that have been captured by brilliant photographers for decades. It's tricky to get hold of these anywhere else.

So I've spent hours looking through the galleries of National Geographic, LIFE, Library of Congress, Vogue and Oxford Scientific. Amazing stuff! The fine art printing processes used by Allposters do justice to the images.


Personal Websites (Especially Steve McCurry's!)

The internet is dotted with millions of personal photography websites. I've come across a real mixed bag. Sometimes people put up galleries largely for their family and friends to see their shots, sometimes it's because they have amazing images that people would love to buy.

My favourite photography website on the web is that of Magnum photographer Steve McCurry. If you've yet to discover McCurry and his work, click here to visit his site (buy photo prints from the catalogue). You're welcome! - Cards That Are As Good As Prints!

The first time I used MOO I ended up with a photo print by mistake! I'd ordered a whole batch of postcards from them, and the quality was so outrageously good that I decided to frame one. Still here, right in front of me on my desk!

MOO are the kings of card printing companies (at least in my experience). They do greetings cards, postcards, business cards etc, and the vibrant colours, thick card and easy ordering process are simply unrivalled. So if you're looking to buy photo prints in the form of cards, MOO are your people!

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