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8 Cool Birthday Gifts for Photographers

I've chosen 8 items that would make extremely cool birthday gifts for keen photographers! I always have my eyes peeled for interesting and quirky new photography products, so this is an opportunity to share my favourite ones with you.

I have selected various gadgets and gizmos that I either own or really want to own! They're not high end, high priced photography gear, but little inexpensive things packing a big punch...


1. The bottle top tripod.

I'm sure you'll agree this is a pretty immense little invention. Who needs a tripod when you can turn any old nearby bottle into one!? Just attach the tiny device to the cap of bottle and screw your camera on to it.

This is so useful in social situations where you can't exactly whip out a tripod and set up the perfect shot, but low light often leads to camera shake and blurry images.

All you have to do is reach into your pocket and grab the ingenious little contraption, attach it to a half finished bottle wine, and take a razor sharp photo!

It costs next to nothing but is so brilliant. For those of you looking for cheap Christmas gifts online as stocking fillers, or fun gifts for photographers - this is a real winner.


2. The white balance lens cap.

You may have seen your poor photographer friends getting all confused and faffing around with bits of gray card before taking a photo! You can help.

What they are trying to do is measure the colour temperature of the light so they can take an accurate picture. Using a gray card is the traditional method, but now special lens caps make the whole palaver a lot easier.

Spare someone this time-consuming ritual and provide them with a cheap and simple solution to an old problem, in the form of a white balance lens cap!


3. The camera rainsleeve


Not exactly one of the sexiest gifts for photographers this! That's partly why most won't have bothered to buy one for themselves. But trust me they will be grateful; it's in the warm socks category!

Often rain comes at times when the light is most interesting. We photographers are often thwarted in the middle of a promising shoot by an unwelcome downpour. Effectively an anorak for your camera - it's not cool but it does a really important job!


4. The spy lens!

Ok, now to spice things up again. This is after all a list of cool birthday gifts for photographers.

This is my favourite item on this list and any photographer will have a lot of fun with it; definitely amongst the very best photo gifts going.

The spy-lens attaches to an ordinary lens and has an adapter that deflects light, enabling you to shoot at a 90 degree angle! Candid street shots here we come! No more nervously edging towards strangers and surreptitiously grabbing a quick, usually inadequate, snap.

This device will turn you into a cross between Henri Cartier-Bresson and James Bond! If you're looking for cool birthday gifts this is right at the top of the pile!


5. The monsterpod

A suitable name for a brilliant product. The monsterpod is a robust orange disc made of visco-elastic polymer that fits into the palm of your hand. Its underside sticks to over 1000 surfaces - in other words everything!

It can support the weight of quite heavy cameras and gives you all sorts of options when setting up a shot. You could use it to hang a camera upside down, vertically attach it to a tree, a brick wall or anything!

It's small and costs very little, but gives photographers some extra freedom when they can't lump a tripod about with them. If you're searching for fun little gifts or cheap Christmas presents online, this is a great idea.


6. Fujifilm instant photo mini camera

It's really fun to produce instant prints of the photos you've just taken. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s is a film camera that reels out high quality mini prints as soon as you take a photo.

It's lightweight, looks modern and sleek and doesn't cost much at all. I love being able to produce hard copies of pictures in social situations straight away - people either want them, or want them destroyed!

This camera comes pretty high up on the cool birthday gifts register. It would also make a fun and unusual Christmas present!


7. Digital photo frame

Digital photo frames make very cool birthday gifts for photographers. You see, we take so many photos and just don't know what to do with them all. There's even an element of satisfaction in ruthlessly culling all but the very best from the files on our computers.

We can't print out every decent photo we ever take and accumulate stacks and stacks of them. It's impossible to frame all of these pictures so they cover every wall of the house.

Digital photo frames are the consequence of the ease with which digital cameras take and save pictures. They allow you to show all your lovely snaps on rotation, so you never waste one and never get bored of the same ones!


8. The gorillapod

This nifty little primate is an increasingly brilliant alternative to conventional tripods. Once only suitable for compact cameras, there is now a beefy version that comfortably supports the weight of a DSLR.

Flexible legs wrap - monkey-like - around any object and a simple attachment holds your camera steady. It opens up all sorts of angles and possibilities and is ideal when you can't take a tripod with you.

Gorilla pods make very cool birthday gifts for photographers with compact cameras who may not wish to invest in a large tripod, but have need of something to do a similar job.

I think all 8 of these cool birthday gifts would go down well with keen photographers. They're quirky, useful and cheap. Hope you enjoy checking them out!

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