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5 Brilliant Cameras For Kids

digital cameras for children

I've reviewed 5 of the best cameras for kids on the market. I've selected models that will suit budding photographers from ages 3 to, well, grown-up! These are some of the key criterion my choices are based upon:


1. VTech Kidizoom Plus Multimedia Digital Camera

digital cameras for children

This VTech Kidizoom digital camera is one of the most popular digital cameras for children. The manufacturer recommends a minimum age of 3. It's built accordingly - big and beefy to survive rough treatment! Although I would say that the result is that it's fairly heavy for small people to carry. Easy to grip handles help alleviate this though.

One of the best things about this camera is that it has a double viewfinder, just like a pair of binoculars. Not all digital cameras for children have this feature, but it certainly makes it easier to use and reduces the need for boring instructions from parents!

There are some fun extra features too. Play around with crazy 'face manipulation' effects, shoot little videos or even play any of 5 built in games! These extras make this one of the best digital cameras for kids who are having a go at photography for the first time. It runs on AA's and easily connects to the computer for viewing, editing and printing. 2 MP's is sufficient decent small prints.

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2. Lego Digital Camera

digital cameras for children

I'm tempted to get one of these Lego digital cameras myself because they look so cool! But for kids it would also be a lot of fun. The camera is made of Lego bricks. It can't be taken apart, but can be added to, so it can be incorporated into other Lego constructions - lots of creative potential there!

Since a lot of this camera's use is likely to be indoors, it has a built in flash. The LCD screen is quite small though, so tricky to set up a shot, especially in the darker indoor light.

Being made of Lego, ergonomics aren't really its strong point. But I don't think that's too much of a problem, especially since it's so light and easy to carry around.

Although this is basically a fun toy camera that's especially brilliant for Lego fans, 3MP's do enable it to produce worthwhile 6 x 4" photo prints. So it's definitely one of the best digital cameras for children.


3. Vivitar Vivicam Digital Camera

digital cameras for children

This Vivitar Vivicam camera is a cheap, brightly coloured compact camera that's a good choice for children who just want something simple and fun for taking snaps with. It also has a movie mode which makes it possible to shoot little sequences of video.

I'm pretty sure this only comes in pink, so it's definitely one for the girls! It's small, light and easy to carry. It's basically a very simple little point-and-shoot model that's one of the best digital cameras for children who need something fun and no-nonsense.

 A 5 MP sensor enables decent sized prints at good resolution. Anti-shake technology is a nice bonus - helping reduce the blur in photos taken in low light. Connect it to a computer for an easy printing process.

One downside is that the LCD screen is a bit dim, making it slightly tricky to see what you’re shooting in low light conditions.


4. Vivitar Vivicam 7025

digital cameras for children

This Vivitar Vivicam 7025 is one of the best buy cameras for kids who would like something that's more of a 'proper camera', but still very simple.

It looks cool, coming in a range of zingy bright colours or black. It's no hassle to carry around, being slim and lightweight. Its build does mean that it lacks the durability of other digital cameras for children, though.

It has 7MP, which is more than enough for detailed prints of a decent size. Plus, the 2.4" LCD screen is bigger than on many of the above cameras, making it easy to see what you are shooting.

Built in flash is accompanied by 'red-eye reduction' technology, which helps eliminate that annoying effect that flash can sometimes produce.

There's not much of a 'learning curve' for this little camera. It's really simple and has great features for its extremely low price. As with all the digital cameras for kids on this list, it has a movie mode.


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5. Fujifilm FinePix AV100

digital cameras for children

The Fujifilm FinePix AV100 is amongst the very best digital cameras for kids who are starting to really enjoy photography. It's perfect for slightly older children who can easily deal with a few extra functions and get the hang of a good quality digital camera.

This compact Fujifilm is actually one of the best digital cameras for beginners in general. I've chosen it for this list because it provides excellent features, high quality images, ease of use and amazing value!

It's a great stepping-stone for kids who are moving towards using full manual controls and perhaps getting a DSLR.

One of my favourite features is the 'Scene Detection' technology. Simply select a scene mode: portrait, landscape, night, macro, night portrait or backlit portrait, and let the camera work out the perfect exposure, focus and white balance automatically.

This is a great way of getting better results without having to use manual controls. It gets you used to changing the settings before taking a shot.

There's also the panorama mode. This allows you to take several images of a large subject, say a stretch of beach, and get the camera to automatically stitch them together into a panoramic style photo - pretty cool!

The sensor has 12.2 MP which is ample for large, good quality prints. There is good image stabilization technology for reducing blur caused by camera shake and slow shutter speeds in low light.

There’s a video mode, built in flash and editing software provided. It runs on AA's - I'd definitely recommend using rechargeables. The style is sleek and slim, which looks great but reduces durability a slightly. This is an all-round fantastic little camera, especially for the low price!

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