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The 3 Best Photo Book Printing Companies I've Used

digital photo book printing companies

Once you start creating photo books, you probably won't be able to stop. So that's the health warning that comes with reading this article! It's awesome how good the quality of photo books has become. You can literally design a professional standard book, filled with your images, and have it produced in a ridiculously short space of time.

I've written a brief summary of the kinds of things you can use photo books for below. Then there are 3 reviews of my favourite photo book printing companies. Hope this is helpful - and have fun!

What Can Photo Books Be Used For

Photo books are essentially a cooler, easier, neater, better version of the good old photo album. Photos are printed as part of the pages themselves - just like on a proper coffee table book. You can also add your own text and customise the whole design. So no more glue / scissors / photos sliding out place / hours of effort! Online book printing is a godsend for so many different things like...


1. MyPublisher

MyPublisher are a company who like to do things well. They seem to put a real emphasis on high quality, a bit like when it comes to cards. They've just about become by number 1 choice for photo books as a result. Plus they don't hammer you with a frightening price! The whole process of designing a book on their site is really fun and well thought out too.

Size Options:

What are the books like?

MyPublisher photo books are, in my experience, stunning! One of the first things that strikes you is how nice the paper is: really thick with a bright glossy finish. They use archival papers, which means that the colour will never (pretty well!) fade from them.

The front covers are beautifully produced, and are available in several different versions: Chunky hardcover, soft cover, book jacket, linen and leather.

So you can design photo books for all sorts of different purposes. But the really great customization features are, of course, for the book's pages. Arranging images in a layout is made easy by a 'drag-and-drop' system. Writing your own text is equally simple, and can be done in almost limitless different fonts.

Meanwhile, there is the option of choosing from pre-designed scrapbook templates...600 + of them! So MyPublisher are not only one of the best digital photo book printing companies when it comes to quality, but customization too.

How much do the books cost?

The cost of books depends on the size and number of pages. Each size is available with a minimum of 20 pages, with costs at this number of pages ranging from $2.49 to $59.80.

You can add extra pages to any book at a cost of between $0.49 and $1.99 per page, again depending on the size.

Visit MyPublisher


2. Photobox

Photobox are known as one of the most trusted online digital photo printing services. I think they are about the best option for anyone who has not made a photo book before because their website is so easy to use. The customising and design process is a breeze and the finished item, in my experience, is always top notch!

Size Options

What are the books like?

Well, there are several options for the style of cover: hard, soft, spiral binding (opens flat), plastic. You can personalise the image and text on the cover of your book, as well as on the spine.

The hard covers are amazing, really professional and smart! They can be either glossy or matte. Personally I prefer the matte - I think it's more like real coffee table photo books - but that's just preference.

The paper quality is excellent: 170gsm gloss. For an extra $4.75 a heavier, even higher quality paper can be used.

There are dozens of themes to choose from when customizing the book. Some aren't that great but most are actually quite nice and one or two look really stunning.

How many pages are available? 26 - 100. So you need at least 26 photos and the price obviously rises in proportion with the number of pages.

How much do the books cost?

The price of books with 26 pages - across all sizes and styles - ranges from $9.50 to $63.50. This increases with more pages.

To be honest, this is about par for digital photo book printing companies. It's rare to find somewhere that deviates much from these sorts of amounts. So Photobox offer top-notch products and service for average prices.

Visit Photobox


3. Vistaprint

Vistaprint are amongst the best online photo printing companies because they offer a wide range of products at very low prices. But when it comes to photo books they don’t sacrifice any quality for cost. After all, people only buy photo books online to have somewhere special for their pictures! Vista Print gets this so they can be relied on for very decent quality photo books.

Size Options

What are the books like?

You can choose from a customisable hard cover or soft cover. There is also the option of a spiral binding (so the book opens out flat).

Plus, Vistaprint offer some really beautiful photo books with plain leather or linen covers. These don't, of course, have any photos on them but they look amazing and would be absolutely ideal for a family album.

There are a huge number of design options for customising the pages of your book.

How many pages are available? 20 for some sizes, 26 for others.

How much do the books cost?

The price of books with 20 or 26 pages across all sizes and styles ranges from $9 to $40. Extra pages cost more.

These prices are really, really good compared to other digital photo book printing companies. Even those leather and linen bound books can be snapped up for $40!

Visit Vistaprint


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