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A Guide To Digital Photo Frames

I love digital photo frames. They perfectly bridge the gap between all the pictures on my computer and individual framed pictures on the walls. Gone are the days when I had hundred of cool photo stuffed away in lonely folders somewhere on my computer! Now they can all be displayed on constant rotation in a nice little frame on my desk.

This guide walks you through some of the key specifications to look out for in digital photo frames:

Slideshow Feature

This is perhaps the best thing about digital photo picture frames. Everyone gets bored with looking at the same photo after a while, however great it is! Digital frames overcome this by allowing you to show a collection of pictures on rotation, with a specified time interval. You can leave it set on the same one, but the slideshow option is always there and really helps to liven up your office, bedroom, kitchen or wherever it happens to be.

The vast majority of frames include this function. One thing worth mentioning is that putting images on a slideshow draws attention to the need for a decent screen size. Don't go for one of the really cheap digital picture frames with a tiny, fussy little screen.

A collection of shots often has some in landscape format and some in portrait. You don't want to physically reposition the frame each time the display moves from one to the other. So with small display screens, portrait shots look far too small when the frame is in a landscape position, and vice versa.


SONY DPF-V1000 10" Digital Photo Frame  


Link To A Computer

In my view, the best digital picture frames allow you to link them up to a computer with a USB cable. This may seem like an obvious specification - but watch out - some can only show images straight off a memory card. This is irritating because digital photographers sometimes like to use Photoshop to make images more worthy of display! So connecting the frame to a computer is pretty essential.


Philips 10FF3CME/05 10 inch LCD Digital Photoframe  


Built In MP3 Player

Many of the best digital frames now include a built in MP3 player and speakers. This lets you run your slideshow of images alongside music, which is quite a cool feature. Personally, this is not a big priority. I have speakers and I have a digital photograph frame which I'm quite happy to remain separate. If you like the idea of linking the two together and giving a musical theme to your photos, there are lots of good options.


Kodak M820 8 " Digital Multimedia Photo Frame  



Some frames come with batteries, others don't. Batteries are great to have because they give you more freedom to position the frame, since it doesn't have to be connected to the mains. Sometimes a cable sticking out the back of a digital photograph frame can be a bit unsightly and ruin the effect (it's usually easy to hide it though). Having batteries also allows you to pass the frame around friends so people can look at the pictures.


Linx 8" high resolution digital photo frame  


Movie Player

If your digital camera allows you to record movies, the best digital photo frame for you could be one with a built in movie player. This is such a simple way to watch your movie clips on a screen, and makes the item so much more than just a 'frame'. With such goodimage and sound quality available, this is a very cool feature.


Kodak M820 8 " Digital Multimedia Photo Frame  


Internet Connection

A number of digital photo picture frames are being produced with wireless internet connection. What's the point? Well, many of you will doubtless upload your favourite pictures to photo sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket.

Internet connection allows you to go straight to your portfolios on these sites, and display the pictures immediately in a nice frame! So if your frame is on your desk at work, for example, you still have constant access to a large collection of your pictures, which can be changed around as you choose.


Polaroid CPU-01015B Wireless 10.2 inch Glass High Resolution Digital Picture Frame


Link To A Printer

A number of digital photo picture frames can be purchased with a printer that they connect to directly via a cable. Some even have a built in printer! So, if you enjoy the convenience and simplicity of digital frames - by passing the computer stage - this is a good specification to look for.


Smartparts SP8PRT 8-Inch Digital Picture Frame with Built-In Printer

What Do I Own?

Everyone's requirements are different, but I own a Sony DPFX1000 10", which is great for me. I really like this Sony digital photo frame because screen size, image quality and storage space are the most important specifications for me. It hits the mark on all counts with a 10.2" size, 2GB internal memory space and great resolution. If you have similar requirements - this Sony digital photo frame is worth checking out.

Sony DPFX1000NB 10"  


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