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Digital Photo Printing Software


Digital photo printing can be done straight from your own editing software, such as Photoshop, or through the basic software that is provided with printers.

Either way, the main thing to be conscious of is the resolution quality setting of your printer. This is measured in dpi (dots per inch - literally the number of dots of ink placed on the page, within 1 inch).


DPI (Dots Per Inch)

So, dpi is a measure of print quality. Do not confuse it with the pixels per inch (ppi) in the original digital image. Ppi will determine the maximum size to which a picture can be shown before the individual pixels become visible and ruin the image. Dpi affects the standard to which this image will be reproduced, not its size.

The typical range of resolution settings offered by most printers is around about 300 - 600 dpi. 300 dpi will give you a great quality picture and, frankly, I usually find it difficult to tell the difference between most images printed anywhere above 360 dpi.

Of course, the higher the dpi, the more ink is used. So I would recommend having a quick experiment to find the lowest dpi setting on your printer which preserves an acceptable image quality. (Help with choosing the right printer)


Editing, layout and paper

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements offer the best resources for upping picture quality to ensure that home digital photo printing can be of a high standard.

If you're not ready to invest in this though, simple applications that come with printers offer increasingly good assistance. You will often be given the chance to eliminate red-eye, smooth blemishes on peoples' faces, brighten, sharpen or reduce noise on images before proceeding to print them.

There will also be a range of layout options available, making it easy, for example, to create a quick triptych.

Be sure to select the paper type that corresponds to the one you're using, since they all absorb inks differently. (Info and advice on types of photo paper)





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