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digital photography magazines reviews

What makes a good photography magazine? Cool tips, well-written articles, awesome photography, equipment reviews (in plain English!), competitions and, of course, freebies!

Naturally all photography magazines have a slightly different focus (ouch). I tend to have one that I subscribe to (Digital Photo), and a few others that I'll pick up now and again from the newstand.

Some people think magazines are a bit obsolete in the age of the internet, where you can find similar content for free. To some extent that's true. But, ultimately, I disagree because the quality of the material in the magazines reviewed below is consistently higher than 95% of what I read online. Hope you enjoy checking these out...


1. Digital Photo Magazine

digital photography magazines

Digital Photo is the only magazine on this list to which I subscribe. That's not necessarily because it's the best, it's just that it has everything that I want. I really like the mix of content, which includes: technical tips, Photoshop walkthroughs, equipment reviews, reader images, competitions, interviews and more.

The tone and language seems to be pitched at amateur photographers who are keen to become seriously good photographers. In other words, there's no jargon used for the sake of sounding clever, but the the techniques explained will take your photography a long way.

I imagine the readership probably ranges from total beginners who have only ever used cheap digicams for holiday snaps, through to extremely talented photographers who could easily make a living out of it.

Another thing that first convinced me to subscribe to Digital Photo was the Photoshop video tutorials that come with each edition. That's right, you get free video tutorials, complete with images to work on. You can sit there with a cup of coffee and follow the instructions on your own version of Photoshop. It was a massive help to me when first getting to grips with the software.

This is probably the magazine's trump card actually. God knows what you would pay for these kinds of videos if they were a download option from a website!


2. Practical Photography Magazine

practical photography magazine

I think this is probably the magazine I read most frequently after Digital Photo. I pick it up when I see a tutorial on the front cover that I'd really like have a look at. The content suits me well: practical tips (as the name suggests), that can be put to use straight away.

It's an excellent magazine to read as a way gradually building up your knowledge. I always find myself going out and testing what I've read in Practical Photography, which I guess is a strong endorsement of the content. It's good for an enthusiasm boost!


3. American Photo Magazine

american photo magazine

American Photo is a great publication dedicated to creative photography. It's released twice each month and always contains a lot of exceptional images by top photographers from around the world.

So this is something I really enjoy reading/viewing whenever I get the chance. If you get pleasure from looking at wonderful photography, grab a copy. In fact, sometimes I think the best way to actually learn photography is to master the basics, then look at loads of amazing images for inspiration!

American Photo is also a great way to keep abreast of movements and trends within the photography world. It includes equipment reviews too, which are well worth consulting.


4. Shutterbug Magazine

shutterbug magazine

Shutterbug is a stylish publication that's always a pleasure to read. There's a lot of information and advice in each edition - enough to turn you into a seriously good photographer over time!

But, although it can be fairly in-depth, it is always made easy to understand for the reader. Creative ideas and Photoshop tips fill the pages from cover to cover, along with clear and detailed photography equipment reviews, reader images and featured photographers' work.

Often editions have a special section on a specific theme/style of photography, really going to town on giving what you need to improve in this area. So Shutterbug is definitely one of the best photography magazines out there.

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