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Famous Photographer Biographies

This is a collection of famous photographer biographies which are intended as quick introductions to the lives and work of some incredibly talented people.

Whenever I discover an awesome photographer, it's not long before I start wondering about what sort of person they are, and why they're compelled to take pictures. So if you have that some kind of curiosity, hopefully you'll enjoy this part of the site!


Famous Photographer Biographies:

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Sidewalk Cafe, Boulevard Diderot
Sidewalk Cafe, Boulevard Diderot Art Print

famous photographers cartier-bressonHenri Cartier Bresson has had as big an impact on the way people see photography as anyone. His images are so well known, that he has also shaped the way we visualise the world around us: from French cities, to American culture to Indian society.

Everyone will recognise his images, even if they do not know who took them. He's definitely one of the most famous photographers there's been and certainly amongst the most famous black and white photographers. Here's an introduction to the life of the 'father of photojournalism'


Steve McCurry

famous photographers steve mccurrySteve McCurry is awesome. If you haven't seen any of his work, please go and check it out because it is so inspiring.

He has spent much of his career capturing the people and places of South East Asia with an iconic, cinematic style that has led many of his shots to become modern classics.

He is my favourite famous modern photographer, and has become one of the most famous portrait photographers of all time. So, who is Steve McCurry?

Here's my review of Steve McCurry's The Unguarded Moment


Ansel Adams

Tetons and The Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, c.1942
Tetons and The Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, c.1942 Art Print
Adams, Ansel

famous photographers ansel adamsAnsel Adams' name is as universally recognised as the landscape shots he is famous for. He is also well known as a passionate conservationist, and his awe for the natural world comes across strongly in the breathtaking landscape shots he produced.

He is easily one of the most famous nature photographers there has ever been, but at one point was destined for an entirely different career. Here's an intro to the life of Ansel Adams.


Dorothea Lange

Migrant Mother, 1936
Migrant Mother, 1936 Photographic Print
Lange, Dorothea

famous photographers dorothea langeDorothea Lange is a name that pops up an awful lot inthe world of photography. She recorded the human impact of the Great Depression in the 1930's, producing images that have shaped our sense of what theat time looked like.

Approaching her subjects with a lot of compassion, she powerfully captured the suffering and hardship that people endured. 'Migrant Mother' is amongst the best known photos ever shot. Here's a biography of Dorothea Lange.


Margaret Bourke White

Nyc Police Helicopter Passing over Downtown Skyport on the Waterfront in Lower Manhattan
Nyc Police Helicopter Passing over Downtown Skyport on the Waterfront in Lower Manhattan Photographic Print

famous photographer biographiesMargaret Bourke white is one of my favourite artists in this collection of famous photographer biographies. She was nothing if not adventurous, brave and pioneering!

Most photographers wouldn't have the guts to take on the kinds of challenges that Bourke White did. But doing so as a woman she also had to overcome all sorts of social obstacles. Without her work we would have a much less complete sense of the drama of the 20th century. She's amongst the most famous women photographers there have been, and here's my brief bio for you to check out.


Nick Brandt

famous photographer biographiesNick Brandt is known purely for his images of East African wildlife. He works in black and white format and presents a subtle vision of the character and increasingly tragic plight of these incredible creatures.

His unique approach to wildlife is perhaps more typical of a portrait photographer, and has made him an important figure in contemporary photography. His photographs are stunningly beautiful and often slightly tragic. Here's a bio.

famous photographer biographies

"On This Earth" by Nick Brandt

Galen Rowell

galen rowellGalen Rowell was one of those guys who seemed to have been given more than his fair share of talent! He was a pioneering mountaineer, best selling author and a truly magnificent photographer.

Ultimately, it was his passion for nature and the world's great mountains that unified the various strands of his life. His images capture the astonishing drama, scale and beauty of mountain landscapes.



As the above famous photographer list grows it will come to include more famous landscape photographers, famous portrait photographers, famous fashion photographers, famous war photographers... and so on.

If you are new to any of the names above, I definitely recommend checking out some of their photos when you get the chance. There are many excellent resources and galleries online which are pointed out in the relevant biographies.

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