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Framing Photography Guide

Step-by-step do it yourself picture framing help


Ok, provided you've found all the right bits and pieces, actually framing photography should be a snap. Whether using standard all in one cheap photo frames or carefully handpicked components, this is the satisfying part where everything comes together to really enhance your picture.


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1. If you are using a standard bought frame, lay it face down on a clean surface and unclip the mounting board, before removing it along with the matte. If everything is separate, simply take your mounting board and matte and place them on a clean surface.


2. Take your photograph and place it the mounting board. Take the matte - with window cut out - and place it over the photograph. Shift the photo about until it is centrally positioned and fully visible in the matte window. Remove the matte.


3. Attach your photo, in this correct position, to the mounting board using double sided tape or self-adhesive mounting corners.

If using framing corners, slip each corner of the photo into a mounting corner (without lifting the photo out of place) before peeling away their backs to reveal a sticky side, which framing parts illustrationcan be attached to the mounting board to secure the picture in place.

Do not push the corners right to the back of the framing corners, as the paper needs room to expand (an important point to remember when framing photography).

If using double sided tape, attach your photo to the mounting board by placing tape behind the top two corners of the photo. Do not place tape anywhere else, as this will cause the print to buckle as the paper expands.


4. We now need to attach the matte. Place two strips of double sided tape on the mounting board, one centrally above the photo and one below. Carefully lay the matte over the top of your picture so that it aligns with the edges of the mounting board.

Once it has been secured be sure to wipe away any pieces of dirt or dust that would detract from the finished appearance.


5. Right, almost time to finally see how it'll look! Give the glass a clean with a fine silk cloth used for cleaning specs and slot it into the frame.

Place your photograph, attached to the matte and mounting board, in behind it. Secure everything in place with the clips on the back of your frame (these differ slightly but are usually self-explanatory).


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Top Tip: Use brown paper or wide tape around the back edges where the mounting board meets the frame. This stops dust - or worse, insects - from finding their way into the picture. Thunder-flies are the worst culprits here!

6. Fix the hanging materials to the back of your frame, if not already. Find a place on the wall where you think your picture would look good.

Drill a hole at a point that is the horizontal centre of where the image will be positioned. Place a snugly fitting wall plug in the hole and insert an appropriately sized screw (there should be no room for anything to wiggle around, and a decent rule of thumb is to aim to position the picture just below eye level).

Top Tip: Never drill a hole directly above or below electric sockets or light switches - you might not get a chance to see the fruits of your labour after all! Hang the frame over the screw.

Finished! Stand back and admire your work (or realise you're in the wrong room!).

red dawn framed

farmhouse framed

sheep at sunset framed

popstar framed


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For help with choosing the right materials and equipment for framing photography, click here for the first part of this guide, on picture framing hardware


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