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How To Frame A Picture - A Foolproof Guide Plus Some Cool Ideas

Framing pictures and choosing where to display them are the final steps in the creative process. They're worth getting right, as they have such a big impact on how your images will be viewed.

But, for most of us, framing photos isn't something we do very often. It would be nice to just get a good job done as quickly and simply as possible! So that's what these articles will show you.

We'll take a look at how to frame a picture using the right materials. I'll also fill you in on the standard frame sizes, and the range of frame materials available. Oh, and don't forget about digital photo frames!

Finally, check out the tips for arranging pictures. It's fun to be experimental and play around with all your ideas. But my little selection of pointers should help to get the creative juices flowing!

How to Frame a Picture

For simple snaps there's nothing wrong with using cheap photo frames and just popping a standard sized print behind the glass. But with special photos that will be prominent somewhere in your home or office, it's worth taking some extra care. So here's a look at choosing picture framing hardware and putting it all together.


Step 1: Choosing your materials

Get down to an arts and crafts or picture framing store and grab the materials you need. Here's a guide to the practical and aesthetic considerations.

Step 2: Putting it all together

Now, here's a step-by-step tutorial on bringing together the various components into a finished piece.

A quick guide to picture frame varieties

Different frames suit different photos. I've listed the major options, including various types of finish.

A quick guide to standard picture frame sizes

Which are the easiest sized frames to get hold of? How do you work out the size of frame you need if you're using a matt.


Cheating (where to order framed prints online!)

It's quick, effective and affordable - so why not? These are my favourite companies for creating framed prints with.


Ideas for Framing Photos

Some photo/frame combo's just work! There's the sleek black lacquered frame with black and white documentary shots, or the plain wooden frame with colourful landscapes. Here are some thoughts on the aesthetic options for framing pictures. Plus, I've reviwed some of the most popular digital photo frames, which are a brilliant alternative.


Cool ways to frame photos

I've shared some ideas for framing photos creatively, including how to create cool customized frames.

Digital photo frame suggestions

A frame that rotates the images on display! There are lots of reasons why these things are so popular; here's a look at some of the best ones available.


Framing Pictures Online

Online printing services really have become brilliant! I've often uploaded photos and ordered them as framed prints. I'm a big fan of user-friendly websites, and the best printing companies make it a breeze to customize, preview and order your framed prints. So don't forget about this option!


Framing pictures online

Here's what I think of the best online photo printing and framing services that I've used.


Create the best personalized
gift cards!

Where I go, and why, when it comes to printing special personalized gift cards.


Arranging Your Pictures

Photos have a fantastic ability to bring places to life. The right photo in the right frame can transform a room and its atmosphere. So have fun and be experimental! These pointers and suggestions for arranging pictures will help bring out your inner designer!



Grouping pictures together

A few thoughts on when and how to group pictures. From large clusters to organized groups, this is an effective way to arrange your photos.

Arrangements for home and work

There's quite a big difference between formal/informal or work/home environments in terms of the images and arrangements that work.


We regard the photograph, the picture on our wall, as the object itself (the man, landscape, and so on) depicted there.

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

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