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How to increase web traffic

12 top tips to increase web traffic free

how to increase web traffic

So you're excited at having your new website up and running. But how to increase web traffic? How do you turn that cool little site into something that reaches its full financial potential?

There's an over-abundance of jargon in this whole area! SEO, PPC, CPC...BS! It just all contributes to a sense of special insider knowledge that's beyond normal people like you or me.

But, nonetheless, there's an ever growing number of individual, or small business, websites that really are taking advantage of the magic (for want of a better word) of the web. You can join them.

I want to provide a quick begginer's guide on how to increase web traffic, with simple and free methods. These really will set you off on the right tracks and, if you are patient and prepared to work hard, can't fail to significantly increase traffic to your website.


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How to increase web traffic through 'on page' Search Engine Optimization / 'SEO'


Increase traffic to your website by helping the search engines get a handle on the subjects and niches you are actually dealing with.

  1. Keyword research. Find keywords of relevance to your site that have a high demand and low supply. In other words, build pages around keywords that people enter into the search engines, but not many webmasters are using on their sites.

  2. Structure pages effectively. It's not just about using good keywords within a given page, they need to be arranged properly.

    Think of an hour glass - lots of keywords towards the top and bottom, a few scattered in the middle. Text links with keywords are valuable too, if used in moderation.

  3. Get the title right. Search engines place a lot of importance on the text in the <title> tag of your web pages. This really helps them to know what the subject of a page is. Include a couple of good keywords and keep filler words like 'and' or 'the' to a minimum.

    It's also important to write the text in the <description> tag effectively. This is what appears below the title in the links from a Google search. Include an attention grabbing word/phrase like 'best' or 'top tips'.

How to increase web traffic through linking strategies


Increase web traffic free by generating links in to your website. The search engines value 'one-way' links more than reciprocal ones. Think of them like a vote of confidence for your site!

  1. Use forums. Find some forums in your niche that have a high Google Page Rank and Alexa traffic ranking. Create a signature with a link to your homepage and start contributing to discussions. Bingo - great one-way links!

    Always be sincere in your contributions to forum discussions, i.e. Make valuable and interesting posts that don't denigrate the quality of discussions, as simply ways of getting quick links.

  2. Use Q&A sites. Answer questions on Q&A sites, like Yahoo! Answers, with external references to pages on your website.

    Be careful not to bombard these useful sites with unhelpful, spammy responses. Take time to help the questioner and you'll actually develop a good reputation in your niche. Plus - more great links!

  3. Submit articles to directories. Write some articles on subjects in your niche and submit them to popular directories like E-zine Articles.

    This will provide links from high ranking pages - plus people often copy these articles into their own sites, retaing the original link you included. Remember what I said about traffic gaining momentum of its own!?

    It's also well worth submitting the URL of your website to good directories - both general and in your niche - such as the The Open Directory Project and PhotoLinks.

  4. Exchange links with your favourite sites in your niche. There is definitely a place for exchanging links - but only do it with sites that have decent Google PR and Alexa scores, and that you actually like and trust yourself.

    It's also a good way to build relationships with other webmasters in your niche that may well have business benefits at a later date.

I recommend...
Wix Websites

photography website templates

Cool and lively, but not so great for e-commerce.

Squarespace Websites

Funky designs, plus wonderful business features. 

SBI! Websites

Untouchable! Unrivalled success rates for business sites. 


How to increase web traffic through social networking

Social networking is exploding! It's easy to write off such burgeoning popularity as mere 'fashion'. But that would be silly, really silly. Social networking is a powerful promotional tool.

  1. Create a Facebook fan page. Facebook enables business to set up a fan page. This is a great way to generate a sense of community and life within your website. It helps make things more personal and turns visitors into loyal fans!

  2. Join Twitter. I'm very pro-Twitter! When you start to have your tweets followed by famous people or institutions within your niche you'll suddenly wake up to the power of those 140 characters at coffee break! So for goodness sake, tweet!

  3. Old school networking. Don't neglect slightly more traditional forms of networking. Make yourself known to successful webmasters within your niche. Email them saying how much you like their site. Provide them with a unique article you've written. Get active in the community on their site (and follow their tweets of course!).

How to increase web traffic through other marketing options

Increase traffic to your website by promoting it in the real world. There's still a role for this, however small your site - after all, it is a real, money making business. Newsletters are great too.
  1. Press releases and local promotion. Advertise your website in relevant magazines or in newspapers. Try to gain some attention in your local press. Submit articles to your local newspaper on your subject.

    Promote your website through business cards and flyers. Really go for it, it will have some effect and there's nothing to lose!

  2. Ezine/Newsletter Subscription. Produce an e-zine for keen readers of your website. This is a great way to build up a solid community of fans, who you can reach on a monthly basis through email.

    Include information about the new content on your site you think they would enjoy.

    Often press releases are an effective tool for websites that sell hard goods. Check out this guide on the best strategies for selling hard goods - whether it's photography and artwork, furniture or computers

Quotable Quote:

We must remember that a photograph can hold just as much as we put into it, and no one has ever approached the full possibilities of the medium.

- Ansel Adams


That's it! I hope you found these 12 top tips on how to increase web traffic useful. Just stick these basic principles, keep doing them, keep learning, be patient, and your site will be a success!

What's been the secret to the popularity of Photography Art Cafe? Here's the short answer: Site Build It!

I've been enormously impressed from the outset with this wonderful site/business building resource. I thoroughly recommend you check it out...



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