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How to Sell Photos Successfully - SBI!

Create a site about your favourite hobby and break free of the 9 to 5 grind

Learning how to sell photos can be a real struggle. For both amateurs and pro's, sometimes the invested effort just doesn't seem worth it.

Then we're thrown the whole 'make money with photography' line from all sorts directions - and told that overnight riches await! This is never true...for anyone.

But what if there was something that worked and wasn't just built on outrageous promises? What if there was something rooted in the real world and in common sense, that was open to everyone interested in genuine financial freedom...



Feel free to pitch any of your questions about SBI! to me here.


Before creating Photography Art Cafe I discovered exactly that. A resource for leading the completely clueless through all the hoops necessary to create a highly profitable website.

It hasn't just worked for me: This resource has provided far more success stories than any other online business course or webhost! So, tell me...what is it...!? Quite simply: SBI!


What's SBI!?


Ok, so the internet is exploding all around us! It is without question the most exciting area for pro, semi-pro, enthusiast and amateur photographers.

As it turns out - it's an exciting place for anyone with a passion for photography (or other art, or hobby, or job, or anything!) and eager to gain financial freedom.

How do the extensive tools provided by Sitesell's SBI! make this possible...?

Let's say you've put some galleries online.

You really want them to make money. Aren't you inevitably going to be crowded out by the thousands of huge, medium sized and even small niche poster stores knocking around?

Well I tried this without SBI! at first, and yes I was - in a word - invisible (and subsequently penniless!). It was just not how to sell photos online effectively.

SBI! is the system - now taught in dozens of undergraduate business courses throughout the world - for making a personal website highly visible and highly profitable, whatever your time constraints.

I wasn't alone in my first failed attempt at profiting from my love of photography online: 99% of e-businesses fail. Meanwhile 62% of SBI! sites are in the top 3% of all websites on the internet.

No wonder I've succeeded this time!


Quotable Quote:

Photography has not changed since its origin except in its technical aspects, which for me are not important.

- Henri Cartier-Bresson


Photography website hosting (and much, much more) with SBI!

As I mentioned, I'm neither blessed with innate business acumen nor gifted on the I.T. front. So building a profitable website is right up my street then!

I definitely needed a bit of help. I got something I couldn't have believed actually existed.

Having read on various sites about how people were using it to free themselves from the 9 - 5 grind, I investigated.

SBI! is, basically, everything you need to make a website - and to make it make money! It provides web hosting, cool templates, a huge hand-holding Action Guide for building traffic and then 'monetizing' it, with all the unique tools required to do so.

It struck me initially as a lifeline. The sort of thing I'd wished was out there to guide me, as a total novice, through the complex jungle that is the internet, and lead me to success.

The range of tools offered by SBI! are as unmatched as the success they bring. It is remarkable what is provided, from video guides, to free e-books, to forums, to all all manner of automated systems - like newsletters and web 2.0 functionality - for your site.

Sure SBI! is a photography website hosting solution - Amazon is a bookseller - but it is so much more than that!

Here are some stats:

  1. 62% of sites built with Site Build It! are in the top 3% of all websites on the internet.
  1. 53% of sites built with Site Build It! are in the top 2% of all websites on the internet.
  1. 35% of sites built with Site Build It! are in the top 1% of all websites on the internet.

top success rate
These facts make SBI! the most successful guide, resource and educational course for individuals, with or without an existing business to gain financial freedom through the internet.


Don't let all of this convince you that SBI! is some kind of golden ticket! If you simply can't spare 1 or 2 hours a week to work on your site then this isn't for you.

The point is that SBI! works. It gave me a road to use (the Action Guide) and a car to drive (all the tools and software) - but I still had to be the driver and could not fall asleep at the wheel!

I've slowly built up Photography Art Cafe - one bit at a time- through my own hard work. If you are prepared to do the same, with SBI! as a guide, the record proves that you will be successful!


SBI! Tools and Resources


SBI! was invented by the businessman Dr. Ken Evoy. It's purpose is to give ordinary people the tools to become successful and free through a stable and long term online income.

Amongst many, many others, some of those tools include:

action guide video
(Video Tutorial Screenshot)




So where do you actually work from?


With SBI! you work from a central work space: Site Central.

It's your control panel, your business centre, where everything is compactly arranged to give you complete command over your actions and strategy.

From Site Central you have access to the best, most accessible tools for creating a web business anywhere.

It makes failure a real challenge!

Whether your site is purely content based or a platform from which to sell hard goods, all the tools you need are provided. So, for example, if you are looking to sell pictures online and make money with photography that way, SBI! makes it achievable - with this.

Here is a screen shot of Site Central:

site central


A Few Professional Recommendations for SBI!

One of the things that set SBI! apart from other online courses/resources when I was first looking into it, was the level of endorsement it received from the wider business community.

That doesn't happen with fads and misleading 'get-rich-quick' schemes.






But the heart and soul of SBI! are the tens of thousands of ordinary people who use it live financially free lives


Free E-Books and Trials


SBI! has produced a number of free e-books describing the methods, steps and tools required to create a successful, money making website.

These guides have taken on an almost biblical status in the world of online business and marketing! They go to the heart of what you actually need to do, in down to earth language. The most amazing thing of all...

It's incredibly simple!

The engine that drives the SBI! process is a simple 'C-T-P-M' process: Content - 'Presell' - Traffic - Monetize.

The power of this simple formula is staggering. Here is one of the free e-books that shows you how. I re-read this regularly!

Whilst building my website I never felt as though I was doing it on my own. Aside from email and phone converstions with members of the SBI! team, forum discussions and free ebooks, it was the Action Guide that made me feel like I had a constant personal tutor!

I cannot stress enough how valuable this was for me. Everything can be done at your own pace - no rush. You work through the steps slowly - understand them - then put them into practice.

Check out the famous video Action Guide here.


Should I or Shouldn't I?


Whilst I knew that SBI! was 100% refundable, I took my time over deciding whether or not to take the plunge and go for it!

I learnt about how thousands of ordinary people using SBI! were making a full time, sizeable income whilst working from home.

Students, work at home mums, people on a career break, recently retired people, suddenly found they were making as much or more money than they ever had - from home! Check out some success stories here.

But research was not enough. I had some niggling doubts. I needed to talk to an actual person before commiting to this. Thank goodness I was able to!

Experienced SBIers are on hand via phone or email to talk through any worries, questions, or issues you have. I was given prompt replies to several emails and had a helpful chat with someone called Jude over the phone!

Get in touch with SBI! support here...


The Final Word


Dr. Ken Evoy's online business system has given tens of thousands of people financial freedom. A full time income working from home, just writing about their favourite things.

Photography Art Cafe is now close to bringing me this same level of freedom. I've put in some work of course - but at my own pace, on a subject I love (photography!), under no pressure, with no risk and never all on my own (SBI! holds your hand through the whole process).

There is nothing to stop you, whether you are looking to find a way how to sell photos online, or simply to create a profitable website about any subject, achieving the same.

Too many people are succeeding in 5, 6, and 7 figures for you to ignore this opportunity.


So, are you going to...


  1. Walk away and keep selling the odd stock photo.

  2. Create your own website on the cheap - and wait for 9 months for it to fail (as 99% do).

  3. Seize the opportunity and begin a journey to financial freedom that will change your life - and sign up to SBI!


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I love hearing from other photographers who heard about SBI! at Photography Art Cafe and now have successful sites on the go. So feel free to get in touch.

On a website, income streams should be diversified. Plus it's no bad thing to diversify your income streams from the internet as a whole. So check out my guide on how to sell photos online through a Wix website. I've also provided top tips on how to sell photos through stock websites and how to sell photos offline. Have a read! It's all based on personal experience. There is also a guide on how to sell photos through sites like Red Bubble and SmugMug. But remember - nothing comes close to the power of SBI!

Knowing how to sell photos successfully relies on actually attracting visitors to your site! Here are my 12 top tips for doing so.


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