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I love Irving Penn!

by Sandra

A little while ago I went to an exhibition of Irving Penn's photos at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Somehow I'd seen just about none of his stuff before and I was totally blown away. I've become a massive fan ever since!

For a start, the finish of his photos is incredible. He was the ultimate perfectionist in everything including printing. Apparently he spent hours and hours applying 'platinum palladium' coatings to his photographs (hope I've not got that wrong!). The end result is pictures that almost seem 3D! The portraits just sort of loom off the page - the close up ones are even quite scary!

He died at 92 in 2009 and had spent years shooting famous cultural figures, from writers to actors to royals to sportsmen to painters. His portraits are so compelling and really seem to capture something truthful about the subject.

But I love it because he kind of manages this whilst also being really strict and hands on with the posing, the light and so on. There are lots of geometric shapes and clean, minimalist compositions. I've rarely seen pictures of people that are so 'managed' and fine tuned, but at the same time contain strong glimpses of real personality.

The Irving Penn pictures I've been looking at were all taken in his studio. He used really plain backgrounds - everything seems to be pared back. The light is often interesting with lots of shadowy areas. He puts his subjects in this context and kind of treats their bodies like still life objects. It makes for visually strong photos that are quite classically composed.

I think Penn's perfectionism in all this kind of somehow forces the humanity to show itself in his subjects. It's like everything is so neat and ordered and perfect, that eventually the sitter (or sometimes stander!) can't conform to the ideal of visual perfection and shows something from behind the mask that Penn pounces on and makes a brilliant photo of.

He once said: Sensitive people faced with the prospect of a camera portrait put on a face they think is one they would like to show the world. ...Very often what lies behind the facade is rare and more wonderful than the subject knows or dares to believe."

I think he liked his subjects and that comes through in his work. I really can't recommend checking out Irving Penn's photos enough. He's just absolutely great - so go look at them now!

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I love Irving Penn! NEW
by: Amanda Mark

Brilliant photography and Penn's perfectionism has been seen in the photos. I know the quality of his work and his idea of perfect visual subject. Every photographer wish to have such professionalism in his work. Like service, no other is more professional.

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by: Anonymous

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love him NEW
by: kelvin

I know Irving as the best fashion photographer; I am a model trying to get a start in this field. When I visited his place,Makowsky purseI saw many photos of top models in black and white. It was all simple photos but there was something in that photo makes them so unique and so beautiful.

great man NEW
by: audrey

Irving Penn was an amzing american photographer who included life stills portraits and fashion in his photography. he had a unique technique of photography, he was among the firsthelp photographers to pose subjects against a simple grey or white backdrop. the simplicity was his key point.

love the quote!
by: Ryan

Great quote by Penn at the end there. It's one thing being atuned to these things and another to be on the ball enough to take the picture when it counts! Most of us mortals get a great portrait once in a blue moon, I.P took hundreds of them!

I went to the same exhibition!
by: Alexi

I saw this exhibition too! Loved it - the quality of the prints with their special coating really struck me. I loved the photos of Alfred Hitchcock and T.S.Eliot especially.

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