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Talking you through the Lightroom workflow

editing photos in lightroom

Lightroom tutorials are nowhere near as numerous as those for Photoshop. But it's an absolutely brilliant post-processing resource for photographers - one that I know is used by thousands of Photography Art Cafe readers. So I thought it was only right to put together a little series on Lightroom, to help you get the most from this fantastic software.

The following tutorials - accompanied by a brief introductory review of Lightroom 3 - have been put together by PAC writer, professional landscape photographer and Lightroom afficionado, David Fleet! David's done an awesome job of laying out his workflow step-by-step, which ultimately is about creating high quality, professional images, in a short space of time. Hope you enjoy these...


First, a quick review:

Lightroom Review

Photographer David Fleet explains why Lightroom is the right software for him, with a potted summary of its chief pro's and con's.

lightroom review

Lightroom Training!

Learn Photography Online with the Pros 

N.B. If you're looking to go beyond the basics and tap into the real power of Lightroom, you could find helpful. You might not fancy the idea of an annual subscription, but the quality of the trainers is so high I'd recommend at least taking a snoop.


The workflow:

1. Importing Photos to Lightroom

Workflow stage 1: setting the stage for organzing and editing by making use of Lightroom's Library module.

importing photos to lightroom


2. Organizing Photos in Lightroom

Workflow stage 2: One of lightroom's trump cards is the Smart Collections feature. How to make use of Lightroom's organizational features.

organizing photos in lightroom


3. The Lightroom Develop Module

Workflow stage 3: On to some actual editing! Cropping, calibrating and lens correcting in the Lightroom Develop module.

lightroom develop module


4. Editing Photos in Lightroom 1 (The Basic Tab)

Workflow stage 4: The fun bit! The first of 2 Lightroom tutorials on making key adjustments. Contrast, exposure white balance and vibrance.

editing photos in lightroom


5. Editing Photos in Lightroom 2 (The Detail Tab)

Workflow stage 5: Now the finishing touches of sharpening, noise reduction and dust speck scanning. Almost ready to print!

editing photos in lightroom


Hopefully these Lightroom tutorials will help you get to grips with the software a bit better. If you're keen to dig deeper, it might be worth checking out , where there's a raft of Lightroom tutorials by well known pro's. But check back to this page too, where the list will continue to grow!

Remember, if you're also a Photoshop user, Photography Art Cafe has a growing collection of tutorials on how to use Photoshop.



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