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Make Your Own Calendar!

Use online calendar printers to create brilliant customized calendars

I've quite recently discovered how easy and fun it is to make your own calendar. I have a cool little stand up one for my desk and a larger wall calendar in the kitchen. They're both full of some of my favourite photos from the last year or so and make things really fresh and lively. I don't think I'll be buying a mass produced one for a long time!

Because calendars are basically functional, we forget that they're probably going to be amongst the most viewed 'art' in our homes for a year. Instead of the normal dull and cliched offerings, create something that lets you start each month with something totally original that brings back personal memories!

It's a piece of cake to sort out. Digital technology combined with the best online photo printing companies take the effort out of it. It must have taken me all of half an hour to produce the first one I did (I liked it so much I got another little one for my desk!).

Basically, its: Choose a calendar type - upload images - customise the calendar - hit 'order'! Most of the best professional digital photography printing companies on the web enable you to make your own calendar. I used Photobox and they were great, but there are numerous others.

So, here's a little more in depth look at my experience with PhotoBox. I'll tell you how it's done and what the options are, so you can decide whether you’d like to make your own calendars too!


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What Are the Calendar Types?


At Photobox I was able to choose from:


What Are the Design Options?


Ok, these were the options with Photobox. I'm sure most of this goes for other calendar printers too:


My Favourite Photo Book Printing Companies

Cookbooks, family albums, holiday scrapbooks, college yearbooks - they can all be made professionally and quickly online.


How Simple Is It To Do?





I'm really chuffed with my 2 personalised calendars. They were a doddle to make using Photobox and look great. The card quality (250gsm) is decent and the print quality is zingy and bright. Both the calendars that I made took about 5 days to arrive, but this might differ between countries.

I think it's much better to make your own calendar than buy something mass produced! They are personal and fun. Give it a go! PhotoBox were great in my experience, but any of the best online photo printing companies who offer a similar service could be used.


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