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Moo for me!!

by Amy
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Just thought I'd say that there's a brilliant company called Moo, who make loads of different varieties of cards. I LOVE their business cards and have been using them for a couple of years. I have a restaurant and live in a busy city so spreading the word with drab looking business cards is a no-no. Moo's cards are just better quality , more sparky and lively than any i've used before.

I'm not normally a big reviewer of things but have become such a big fan of Moo I thought I'd give them a recommendation. Moo's website is really cool as well actually. Not a very technical kind of person but I found it very obvious how to upload - design - order etc on their site.

My husband's a photographer so we had loads of great pics of the restaurant, us, food we serve etc. to use on the cards. I think they give a really good first impression to people. So I'd definitely say give them a try. Like lots of great products, the whole package is good. The ordering process, the packaging they arrive in, the customer service and obviously the product itself.

Oh yes - I made a birthday card from their site the other day too. Was for my best friend and I used a photo of us all on holiday. It was every bit as cool as the business cards so I'll be doing that again too!

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jkk NEW
by: Anonymous

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Arabella NEW
by: Anonymous

We should uncover asap. I am down the middle of assembly a obtain for just a purchaser and from now on there may be an additional that has a majority of do the job that is required on the same time frame. You need to advocate just one in my opinion.

Me too!!
by: Josh

Thank you for that Amy. I couldn't agree more about how good Moo are. I've also been using them for quite a while, and will continue to do so. The first time I ordered greetings cards from them I was blown away by the card quality and intensity of the colours.

It's fair to say they're slightly more expensive than certain other services, so perhaps not ideal for anyone on a really tight budget. But if you're ordering in large quantities the prices are very decent. In any case, you get what you pay for.

One of the main things I've used Moo for is printing large number of cards with pictures of my local area to sell in local outlets. I think Moo are a good company for this type of thing because their cards really stand out - a lot - from the rest. In fact, I seem to remember reading an article on their site encouraging customers to try out re-selling their cards!

You've probably used what they call the 'printfinity' system. It basically lets you have a different picture on every card in a pack of greetings/business cards. Amazing!

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion and review Amy. Sounds like you're on to a good thing with food + photography, doesn't get much better than that!!

Thanks, Josh

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