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Top Nature Photography Magazine Suggestions

2 brilliant outdoor photography magazines!

natural geographic magazine
National Geographic Magazine

smithsonian magazineSmithsonian Magazine

If you're looking for an inspiring nature photography magazine, or general outdoor photography magazine, then here are 2 fanatastic publications to check out.

I've loved browsing through the pages of both National Geographic and the Smithsonian Magazine over the years, both of which are known for the magnificent images that fill their editions.

Often the best photography magazine to go for doesn't actually deal ostensibly with phototgraphy itself. Both of the above magazines cover diverse subjects, from culture, history and art, to science, technology and current affairs.

But all of these areas are dealt with as much visually as through text, and the photographs are responsible for much of the global readership the magazines achieve.

National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine are basically publications that are perfect for anyone with a general fascination and curiosity about the world, its sights events, places, people and past.

Their pages are filled with inspiring examples of how to bring all this to life through photographs, and can't fail to help fine tune your own eye for a picture.


Natural Geographic Magazine


natural geographic magazineAlthough its subject matter is pretty broad, as a nature photography magazine, or outdoor photography magazine, National Geographic can always be relied on to feature dozens of dramatic wildlife and landscape shots.

The stunning images are reproduced vividly on high quality paper that has contributed to the value and collectability of Natural Geographic editions.

One of the things I've enjoyed most about the photography in National Geographic Magazine is the use of colour. A lot of the images are characterised by incredibly bold, impressive natural colours that make them leap off the page!

There's always a temptation with digital photography to over-do things in Photoshop and cause pictures to become artificial and lose their impact. So discovering the great photos in the pages of Natural Geographic has helped me to use colour more effectively in my own work.

The importance of photography for the magazine is clear from the fact that its editor, Chris Johns, is himself a photojournalist. A lot of space is given over to large pictures which brilliantly illustrate the associated articles.

It's a nature photography magazine that attracts some of the world’s best photographers (like Steve McCurry), and will appeal to anyone with an interest in the visual.

So if National Geographic sounds like it might be the best photography magazine for you, why not try a subscription?


nick brandt
On This Earth,
by Nick Brandt

On This Earth by Nick Brandt is a stunning collection of wildlife images. The character and grandeur of East African wildlife is subtly explored.




smithsonian magazineThe Smithsonian Magazine is the publication of the Smithsonian Institute and has a greater focus on social and political things than National Geographic.

But for those of you looking for a good nature photography magazine, there are excellent sections on science and natural history too.

It grew in part out of the approach taken by Life magazine, whose former editor Edward Thompson was the first to take charge of the Smithsonian. Thompson's intention from the start was to find both “the best writers and the best photographers” who could complement each other and make the magazine work on lots of levels.

Much like National Geographic, the photographs in the Smithsonian magazine brilliantly capture inspiring places, animals, landscapes and events. Something I've tried to take back into my own photography is the way the images often use human figures to represent scale. With such impressive natural environments being featured, a well placed person or two can really highlight the scope and expanse of a landscape.

So the Smithsonian is well worth having a look at as a nature photography magazine. A Smithsonian magazine subscription can be set up here.


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Still not sure of the best photography magazine to subscribe to? Here are some suggestions for digital photography magazines with tips and equipment reviews. Or perhaps online photography magazines would be ideal for you.

If you fancy getting a National Geographic or Smithsonian Magazine subscription, you can do so here. The same link will take you to lists of other recommended nature photography magazines and magazines of other genres.


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