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Nice Picture Frames for Your Prints

My pick of cool picture frames - plus a few DIY tips!


nice picture framesHere are my top suggestions for nice picture frames for your prints. I spend loads of time framing my photography, and constantly rotate the artwork on my walls at home! Choosing a frame is actually really fun and I think it's easy to become too cautious (/boring!). Check out all the options, and always bear in mind the nature of the print and the character of the room.


Minimalist / Modern Frames

I love framing photos in really simple, clean frames and putting them, either on their own or in a small group, in the middle of a large wall space. The corridor entrance to my apartment has a line of sketches on the left and black and white photo prints on the right. They're all in slim black frames, which I think looks really cool. Here are some really nice examples of these kinds of frames:


Generally, I tend to like these types of frames in black. But that's probably because I have lots of black and white photos! Matching the frame colour with a dominant colour in the print is a nice thing to do. Materials can vary from wood, to plastic, to metal etc. You can get hold of nice picture frames in loads of different materials now.


Shabby Chic / Vintage Picture Frames.

I love these shabby chic, classical style picture frames. I have a great big print with all of the characters from Shakespeare in an elaborately carved, gold painted frame above my desk at home! It looks fantastic and I think these frames look great in informal home environents. Here are some really nice examples that are available:

These kinds of traditional looking frames can offset modern decor really brilliantly. The shabbier versions also look cool in lots of settings. I have few photos and sketches at home in frames that are quite elaborate - rococo swirls etc - but with a beaten about, scratched surfaces and faded pastel colours.


Large Canvases

I love framing photos and artwork on canvas mounted to wooden bars because it has such a bold appearance on the wall. It isn't technically 'framing', since nothing is surrounding the picture.

Canvases seem to float on the wall and blend in as a natural part of the room. Often simple images, with bold colours and shapes, or abstract art, looks best on stretched canvases.

It's really easy to upload a digital image and have it produced as a canvas and shipped to you through an online company these days. Here's one I've used quite a bit, with good succes.


4. Create Your Own homemade frame!

It's easier than you might think to create some really nice picture frames yourself! For example, you can make brilliant vintage picture frames in no time at all. Get hold of a normal plain wooden frame, like the one on the left, give it a sand down and a coat of white paint.

Paint it again - a pale colour like blue or turquoise - and then scratch it around about with sand paper and whatever else, especially at the corners. This gives a battered, aged feel which looks really cool. I made a frame like this and put one of my photos in it that had a grungy texture blended into it in Photoshop - looked great!

You can make some nice picture frames by customising a plain wooden frame in all sorts of ways. Paint it then stick things to it - findings from beach combing, random memorabilia, dried/fake flowers, bits of clothing...etc.

A home made picture frame could also be just about anything that produces a 'framing' effect for an image. I have a photo in a bottle on my desk! Roll up the photo and put it in the bottle, where it will unfurl and stick to the glass. Put some fake flowers in the top (don’t need water, which wouldn’t be good for the photo!).


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I hope you found these suggestions on nice picture frames helpful! If you like to do the framing yourself, you might enjoy this guide on choosing the best picture framing hardware. This framing photography guide also shows you how to put the various bits and pieces together to make a good job of framing photos.


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