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online digital photography courses

I think the best online digital photography courses make it both fun and easy to get to grips with the skills required to take brilliant photos.

If you can find a good one it's a fantastic way to raise the standard of your photography.

So I want to let you know about some of the best courses around, and help you decide whether they are what you're looking for...


Why Learn Photography Online?

The web has understandably become the most popular place to learn photography.

For a start, many people don't have the time to do a course at a local college. In any case, it's way nicer to learn from the comfort of your own home with a cup of coffee in your hand!

I've done both on and offline photography courses and would definitely say that the online ones were more fun, comprehensive, accessible and - strangely - interactive!

What's more, there's a group of online digital photography courses that I personally think really stand out from the crowd at the moment...


Brilliant Online Digital Photography Courses...


online digital photography courses Proud Photography are a company who are pretty hard to beat for the quality, depth, support and value for money their photography courses offer.

Plus, they get top marks from me in a crucial area: Keeping things simple and minimizing jargon!

Proud Photography's flagship course is a tremendously thorough 13 section introduction to photography. Its purpose is to make you a really decent photographer.

So it's not for people who just want a few light tips to help them understand their new camera. But if you feel yourself becoming more interested in photography and excited by its possibilities this course is, frankly, ideal.

A big range of topics are covered in an uncomplicated, accessible way. If you do find yourself struggling at any stage, just run your questions past a personal tutor who will be assigned to you!

Some people worry that online digital photography courses could be a bit piecemeal: one thing expalined well, the next brushed over.

Well not in this case! The Proud Photography course is designed by professional photographers who really know their onions!

No stone is left unturned, leaving you full of confidence in each major area of photography.


What's in the Proud Photography Course?


The main Proud Photography course is designed to get you clued up on all the major technical and artistic areas of photography. It's broken into 13 segments:


  1. Introduction to photography

  2. Digital photographs

  3. Exposure - shutter speed
  4. Exposure - aperture

  5. Composition

  6. Light

  7. Black and White

  8. Travel Photography I

  9. Travel Photography II

  10. Portraits

  11. People and candid shots

  12. Insider tricks and techniques

  13. Common pitfalls - how to avoid them


Within these sections is as much information as I learnt throughout a year's offline digital photography course! Plus it's better explained than my course was...and the tutors are more helpful!

There are absolutely no time constraints! You could do the course over 3 months or 3 years. Either way, you will be a highly proficient photographer by the end of it.

As you reach the end of each segment there is homework to do! But not boring homework. Anyway, I guarantee you'll be desperate to put into practice everything you've learnt and see how much your pictures have improved!

Who assesses your work? The course tutors, who are also professional photographers. They are quick to respond and astute with their advice. Everyone needs feedback and there's no shortage of it on this course.

The cost of this course is one of the reasons it is so attractive to lots of beginner photographers. Plus there is a one year 100% money back guarantee if you decide it's not for you.


Who is This Course Not For?


Clearly, this course will not be suited to absolutely everyone. It is fun and accessible, but does cover a lot and go into some depth.

So if you are just looking for a quick and simple introduction to some basic digital photography techniques, this is not something worth investing in.

Perhaps you'd just like to get the hang of your compact camera to make those point and shoot snaps a bit better. Or maybe you are only interested in 1 or 2 of the sections covered by the course - like 'shutter speed' and 'portrait photography'.

Before diving in, make sure you've thought about whether you really do want to expand your technical knowledge and artistic ability, or just pick up some quick tips.

The Proud Photography course provides a thorough grounding in all major areas of photography. It's also accessible - written by professionals for beginners.

If you are willing to learn, and put in the effort required to do so (although there are no time constraints), Proud Photography is a fantastic resource that will turn you into a great photographer.


Other online digital photography courses from Proud Photography


4 other courses, focused on more specific subject areas, are also offered. These are ideal for photographers who already have reasonable technical knowledge. They are:

Photoshop for Photographers, HDR Photography, The Expert Wedding Photographer and Studio Portrait Lighting Photography.

These courses are based around the same thorough, interactive approach as the main course. But they are best suited to those who don’t need to start by learning basic photography techniques and skills.

These courses will help you take better digital pictures by focusing on skills and techniques within a specific area:
online digital photography courses

1. First up, there's the Photoshop for Photographers course. This features 18 lessons which work through the basics and move into exciting techniques that will raise the quality of your finished pictures significantly.

If you are interested in selling your images, this course is well worth investing in. As with all the Proud Photography online digital photography courses, there is full support and 1 year's 100% money back guarantee.


2. Next there's the HDR Photography Course. Who doesn't want to know how to create an HDR photo? You know the ones - bursting with detail, depth and colour that leap off the page.

This course has full support from tutors as usual and a full year's money back guarantee. It also entitles you to 15% off Photomatix HDR software!

Interested in selling your work?

For those of you who are keen to begin profiting from your love of photography, Proud Photography offers 2 online digital photography courses that you will love:

online digital photography courses

3. The Expert Wedding Photographer is an exhaustive, accessible guide to everything involved in becoming a successful wedding photographer. You can pitch any of your questions along the way to the professional tutors waiting to help.

Learn to set up the business from scratch, present work to clients and find the right equipment. It's all in there and explained with the usual clarity and thoroughness of these courses.

The course has a year's 100% refund guarantee.


online digital photography courses

4. The Studio Portrait Lighting course covers an area that lots of aspiring photographers find hard to crack on their own.It tells you everything about fine tuning indoor light and the equipment you'll need.

The course also includes 2 hours of video lessons aimed at helping you produce genuinely professional standard pictures. This is a brilliant grounding in studio photography. There is a 1 year 100% money back guarantee.


Final Words


The online digital photography courses from Proud Photography are really great resources and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

I think they get high marks for both quality and enjoyableness. The level of support is pretty unrivalled, especially at such a low price. A year long 100% money back guarantee reflects how good this deal actually is.


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