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Where to Print Personalized Photo Gift Cards?

Design your own Christmas cards or print birthday cards with the best online photo printing services

Looking for a good place to create personalized photo gift cards? They're so much more fun than the typical mass produced ones, and the best online photo printing services make it a snap to design them!

I've used 6 companies in total to create cards for various occasions, from birthdays and Christmases, to Mother's days and christenings. All the companies I've used are well established and have produced decent results.

But I thought 2 stood out in particular for their quality, design options, ease of use and value. So here's a summary of my experiences with York Photo and MOO, plus a comparison of their prices.


York Photo


I've used York Photo to print birthday cards for friends and family a few times. It's always been a superb service.

General Pro's and Con's:

Pro's Con's
Really fast image upload times. No telephone support.
Very user friendly website. Colour photos were great but black and white had a slight tint.
Plenty of design/layout options.  
Ability to edit and improve photos.  
Low Prices.  


(Screenshot: York Photo. Editing features.)

My Thoughts

I really like the York Photo website. You know how some sites are easy to get lost in? That couldn't happen with this site! It just works.

To create personalized photo gift cards you simply go to 'products' then choose 'cards'. You can then choose from helpfully organized categories of cards: by number of photos, by occasion, by purpose, by holiday, but orientation and by card size.

There are lots of design options within these categories, including a simple blank space if you just want to have the photo on the card. When it comes to personalizing your cards, the features are excellent. You can choose the font style, size, colour and alignment for messages.

I always process photos that I intend to use for personalized photo gift cards in Photoshop first. But if you're not yet an avid Photoshopper, York enable you to adjust brightness, apply effects, zoom, saturate colours, rotate and cure red-eye. This is a big bonus for some users.

The size options of 4" x 8" and 5" by 7" are suitable, and the card quality is top notch. Envelopes are provided. My orders from York Photo have tended to arrive in about 5 days, and I like the fact you can track the order on the site.



You can design your Christmas cards or print birthday cards with York Photo for really excellent prices. Considering the quality, I think York offer the best value service I've used.

4" x 8" x20 $11
  x60 $28
5" x 7" x20 $13
  x60 $36


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If you choose to use MOO for personalized photo gifts cards you can be sure of 2 things:

  1. You'll get unrivalled card and print quality - bar none!
  2. You'll pay for that high quality.


So my tip: Use MOO if you need to make your own card for a really special occasion. The quality is so exceptional you definitely won't be disappointed. They are absolutely one of the best online photo printing services.

General Pro's and Con's:

Pro's Con's
Amazing print quality! Slow image upload times.
Amazing card quality! High prices.
'Printfinity' - the option of a different image on every card in a pack.  
One of the best, most user-friendly websites on the entire web.  
Edit the front, middle and reverse of gift cards.  

My Thoughts

Having used MOO to print birthday cards, Christmas cards, thank you cards, cards of my photography for re-selling, and more be-sides, I can confidently say that they are fantastic!

Every pack of personalized photo gift cards I've ordered from MOO have had gorgeous, deep colours and an extremely professional feel.

MOO's greetings cards are sized 105mm x 148mm, which is actually fairly squareish. They look stunning! When you see them you'll be so impressed! The card quality is magnificent at 350gsm. Basically MOO don't scrimp on quality at all!

I love the fact that you can upload a bulk of different images and then simply place an order for each image to be used in a pack of, say, 20 cards. MOO call this feature 'Printfinity'.

(Screen shot MOO: Message writing. User-friendly layout)



Postcards x20 $20
  x60 $50
Greetings Cards x20 $40
  x60 $78




So here are the final scores for MOO and York Photo, based on my experience! They are the best 2 services for printing personalized photo gift cards that I've used.

  York Photo MOO
Paper Quality 8/10 10/10
Print Quality 7/10 10/10
Website Ease of Use 9/10 9/10
Support 7/10 7/10
Price 9/10 7/10
FINAL SCORE 4/5 4.3/5


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