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Creating a Photography Business Plan

A guide to starting your own photography business

photography business plan

Putting together a photography business plan should be a careful and thorough process.

One of the great things about staring your own photography business is that you don't have to take big risks. You may start building towards it whilst still in other employment, taking the photos for friends' weddings etc.

As you begin to take on more photography work it can grow into your major source of income. Alternatively, you may be excited about beginning a career as a photographer and keen to plan how to earn a good income through it as soon as possible.

Either way, photography is a really fun way to make money! But you do need to plan well. So I want to help you get things moving by offering some tips and ideas for staring your own photography business.


Supplement your photography business plan with this:


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The idea of this article is to:

  1. Help you begin structuring your thoughts and planning a viable business.

  2. Spark ideas. This is not an outline for a full photography business plan. It is meant to make you think "Oh, yeah! That gives me some ideas..."

So here is my quick guide to forming a solid photography business plan:


1. Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses



2. Assess Your Market



Quotable Quote:

I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn.

- Pablo Picasso


3. Establish Your Unique/Style Brand


photography business plan


4. Promote and Advertize



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5. Looking After Finances



6.Tax/Legal Issues



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So that's it, a few key areas to look at when creating a photography business plan!

One last point I would add is that it is well worth diversifying your income streams as a photographer. You might have one major source of business - but do other things too! Sell stock photography, sell prints through your website (photography website templates), attend art fairs and sell work there, put on exhibitions as both promotional and business opportunities.

Starting your own photography business should be a fun and profitable adventure. Plan carefully, be nice to people (!), network, enjoy taking pictures, be smart about matching your services to your local market, spread word of mouth and you'll do brilliantly!

Photography Art Cafe has quite a lot of other information you may be interested in. There is advice on how to sell photos online and how to sell photos offline. I have also written this article, which provides advice for an online photography business plan.


Again, I'm really keen help people out with advice for the online part of their photography business plan.

This systesm, Site Build It!, has enabled me to earn excellent income through Photography Art Cafe, from home! Contact me to pick my brains.



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