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Cool and lively, but not good for selling prints.


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Photography Website Templates - Wix rules?

Photography website templates make the whole business of establishing an online presence from which to sell your work a breeze. Really, they do!

It's easy to associate all things web-design with unwanted complexity, jargon, dreaded HTML and stultifying manuals. Relax, anyone can build a photography website and sell pictures online these days.

There are services out there that not only assume lack of knowledge and interest about all the intricate details on your part, but have created superb alternative resources to get you to the desired end in no time.

So what photography website hosting options do you have...?


Quotable Quote:

Photography has not changed since its origin except in its technical aspects, which for me are not important.

- Henri Cartier-Bresson

What makes Wix so good?


Wix website templates look better than any others! They are intended for cool, creative, lively sites that impress visitors from the first moment.

They use Flash functions, making them up-to-the-minute, interactive and professional. The designs are specifically put together with creative people in mind: artists, interior designers, musicians and photographers the world over flock to this resource.

It is just about the fastest growing provider of photography website templates.

But you're not stupid. You're not just going to go for the most sparkly, pretty, jaw-dropping templates without knowing something about the nitty-gritty first, right?

You would be right to query the value of incorporating Flash into a website. You need people to reach your photography site through search engines like Google, in order to make sales.

Typically, Flash presents an obstacle to the 'spiders', the information gathering robots (!), that Google sends to all websites.

But, this is the second thing...

Wix is not just a pretty face. They are the first Flash platform to allow search engine spiders to crawl through the websites as per normal.

So - not only do Wix websites look awesome, they are conducive to good traffic/business. (Here are my 12 tips on how to increase web traffic)

Moreover, it is very simple to integrate shopping cart functions, like Paypal buttons, to sell your pictures through. Further still, they can assist you in sustaining successful business through a fantastic 'newsletter' function.


How do you actually build a photography website with Wix?

The whole ethos behind Wix is for the designing/editing interface to be entirely intuitive for those without any prior site building experience.

Basically, that means 'click', 'type', 'drag and drop'! Despite this simplicity, you are not lumbered with a small number of fixed design photography website templates to choose from.

There is considerable freedom in customising any of the thousands of Wix templates available, to suit your own tastes and preferences.

(Screenshot of the workspace)

So what's the damage going to be?

Crunch time... how much does it all cost? Nothing. Yep, it is free to create a website with Wix. I know, it's outrageous, but they literally don't charge you a penny to get going with your photography website.

They make their profit when you decide to include additional features, should you need to, as your site develops.

These premium features include things like access to Google Analytics site stats (with analysis of your visitors), unlimited numbers of pages and increased support.

This puts Wix sites amongst the cheapest website templates available anywhere - yet they are so good! Some of you may never need to go beyond their entirely free flash website templates package.

So as far as photography website templates go - good luck in finding any that outdo Wix!

You can check out loads of example sites built with Wix from their main website, to see if it's your kind of thing before making a decision.

Best of luck, and do let me know about your roaring successes after getting a Wix site going!


Selling Photos Online? If you are serious about creating a profitable website, Site Build It! has produced far more success stories than any other webhost. I recommend researching it further. Feel free to pick my brains about it here.


Alternative photography website templates


Wix produce cool, hassle free photography website templates. But that is not always what you need, especially if you are really keen to create some income.

I used it to build Photography Art Cafe and, personally, think it is an incredible resource for anyone (even internet ignoramuses like me!) to produce popular and profitable sites. Here's my full review. So, if you can spare several hours each week to start an online business, why not go for it!?



How to Increase Web Traffic


SBI! shows you everything you need to know about buildng traffic. But if you decide on the cool photography website templates offered by you'll need to learn about this for yourself. Here are some crucial starting points.


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Sticking to the photography website templates recommended here will ensure you achieve a professional result, without spending silly amounts of time or money on the project.


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