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How to Use Photoshop

A guide to Photoshop essentials. Adobe Photoshop tricks to give your pictures a boost


Knowing how to use Photoshop has become a pretty important part of digital photography. It just opens up so many possibilities and, even with a minimal knowledge, can improve the quality of your shots enormously.

However many Adobe Photoshop tricks you have up your sleeve, the best photos are still about composition, originality, opportunism etc. But Photoshop gives you the freedom to capture images in the knowledge of how they can later be improved with a few adjustments.

It's a good idea to just play around and experiment with all the cool features for editing images in Photoshop. But it's impossible to learn everything on your own, and there are plenty of common pitfalls worth avoiding too.

So I want to provide you with some tutorials and introductions to Photoshop essentials that all digital photographers should know about. The following Photoshop ideas, tricks and processes have all been amongst the most useful for my photography.

But first, one rule of thumb: It's really easy - when new to Photoshop - to assume that all adjustments are good adjustments. Photoshop is a good thing so the more you use it the better. But sooner or later you'll end up skillfully ruining a photo with this attitude! So my top tip - always avoid heavy handedness.


How to use Photoshop for sharpening pictures


Sharpening pictures is one of the absolute Photoshop essentials. It's very simple and is one of the first things people like to know how to do. Unfortunately, it's also one of the first things people mess up! It’s easy to go wrong...

  • There are numerous routes to sharpening pictures, but which is the best?
  • Just what exactly do 'amount', 'radius' and 'threshold' mean?
  • At what point in the editing process should sharpening be applied?
  • How do you sharpen only certain areas, like someone’s eyes?
  • How can you tell when a picture has been over-sharpened?
  • What exact numbers should be applied for different kinds of photographs?


Get the key facts on image sharpening straight now and make the best of all your photos...

Photoshop Guide to Sharpening I

Recommended sharpening amounts, key tips and important definitions. The best Adobe Photoshop tricks for sharpening your pictures.

Photoshop Guide to Sharpening II

How to use Photoshop to sharpen only a specific part of a photo. 3 great Photoshop tricks for selective sharpening.


Using Photoshop's Raw file converter


If the Raw file format is something you've heard about, but is on the fringes of your knowledge and vaguely associated with pro photographers, it's time to wake up to this amazing and simple feature of digital photography.

Using Raw makes it easier to produce consistently good photos. Anyone can shoot in Raw, and most now do! Here’s a guide to getting started, with all the key facts...

Raw files need to be converted and fine tuned in Photoshop...

How to use Photoshop to convert Raw file format images

Full guide to the Raw file converter in Photoshop. What do all the settings mean and how should they be used...?


How to use Adobe Photoshop to create multiple exposures


finished imageOk, listen up, this is one of the best Photoshop tricks going - if not the best. You know the frustration of trying to capture images with very bright and very dark areas? Usually it's a case of either sacrificing the clarity of one part for the other, or going for an unsatisfactory compromise. Wouldn't it be great if that problem just didnt exist...

Well, with images shot in a Raw file format, it's possible to create 2 differently exposed versions in Photoshop, before blending them together  to finish with a picture that looks perfect in all areas! Learning how to do this is absolutely one of the Photoshop essentials and will transform your photography.

If you're not that interested in Adobe Photoshop tricks on the whole, you must at least give this one a go...

Tutorial for creating multiple exposures in Photoshop





What are Your Favourite Adobe Photoshop Tricks?

How do you give your images a boost in Photoshop? Perhaps you know a cool special effect that's a fun way to transform images, a specific tool that keeps coming in handy or a longer process that has a big effect on your pictures. Maybe you've learnt how to use Photoshop to really improve portrait shots, or create stunning panoramas...

Don't keep it a secret! Share your knowledge through the form below. All of your favourite Photoshop ideas, Photoshop tips and tricks, Photshop essentials etc are welcome.

You can write about anything, just be sure to include enough clear information to serve as a useful Photoshop guide for someone discovering it for the first time.


Your Best Photoshop Tricks...

Share your ideas on turning a good shot into a great one...

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