Promotion Tips For Professional Photographers

Whether you’re an experienced, amateur, hobbyist or just-out-of-college photographer, you need to find ways to promote yourself so you can win more clients. People everywhere are looking for someone with your kind of talent, but there is no way they are going to find you if you don’t make yourself available and attractive.

How much do you have to budget to begin promoting yourself? Absolutely nothing. With the help of the internet, plus a little bit of creativity and time, you should be able to professionally present yourself in the environment where people who need your talents are always on the look. Social network, blogs and websites are free avenues for you to promote yourself. Don’t let anyone buy burgers with your money.


1. Portfolio Website

If you don’t already have a portfolio website then you need to begin plans to build one right away. This type of website will give you the opportunity to present thousands of sample images and pictures you have taken so that people can appreciate them and contact you to do something similar for them.

You can easily build your own professional looking website through website design companies that offer drag and drop web design tools, e.g. (Here's a full review of Wix websites).  On the alternative, you can make use of simple web authoring programs likeAadobe Dreamweaver. Hosting your website is as low as $10/year, which is really nothing compared to the unlimited disk space you’ll be given.


2. Video

Many people are now getting to understand the importance of videos in promoting their products and services, so you too should jump on the band wagon. Videos are effective because they give you the chance to promote yourself through picture, sound and graphics, all at the same time.

You should make multiple videos to promote yourself. Make a video introducing yourself to the audience and post it on your website. You should also make a video that shows you in active duty so that people can see how you work. Videos featuring clients’ testimonials and assignment are a great way to tell people that you’re in-demand and efficient.


3. Social Network

With millions of people signing into their social network accounts on daily basis there is no better way to get the word out about your career than social media. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest are top places where you can really promote yourself to the world. Sign up, create your account, add friends and start uploading your photographs.

The more expressive and creative your presentation is, the more popular you’ll become. Ask friends and family members on your friends list to help share your post to increase your popularity. You can also make use of photo sharing sites like Photshelter, SmugMug, Photcrati, deviantART and Zenfolio.


4. Blog

You can set up a blog for free with WordPress or blogger and start adding your pictures. Apart from adding images you can also add text content and articles that will educate and inform people about the benefits/merits of your photography.

When adding text content, make sure you include keywords that are relevant to photography and the topics that you’re posting about. This helps people to find your blog through search engines. It's also important to connect your blog to your website, so that they enhance each others' authority.


5. Business Cards

The internet may be the rave of the modern world but there is no way you’re not going to meet people in person. So how do you present yourself to them? Your personal photography business card. Make sure the business card looks professional, carries your name or company name in bold and is attractive.

Wherever you’re going make sure you have a couple of cards in your bag that you can give to people. Don’t forget to add your online details and tell them to check you out on the internet. (MOO are arguably the top online business card printing service. The card quality, colour and ordering process is top notch.)


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About the author:

Aaron Gerrard is a professional photographer who recently circulated a wedding photo album he created to show potential clients what he can produce.

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