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Canon Rebel T2i

By Matt

I've used my Canon Rebel T2i for a few months now and have been blown away by its awesomeness! I wasn't sure to switch from the safety of point and shoots (always used em) to a proper dslr. But having done it, I don't know what I was worried about! If anything my Rebel T2i is easier (!) to use than my old compact.

For e.g, I had some scene modes on my old camera, but had to go into the menus each time to select them. With the T2i there's a cool mode dial on the top that I just twizzle round to choose macro, landscape, portrait...etc.

I've taken some really cool shots with it and love how I can print them as big juicy posters. 18MP's means that i don't get any pixels showing even at quite big sizes. Took a shot of my brother surfing the other day and , even after cropping it in Photoshop, printed it as an A3 poster for him. He couldn't believe how good it looked!

I could bang on forever about the HD video it has! Suffice to say I'd have been happy to pay a whole lot more than I did for something this good! Considering all these specs are crammed into a pretty small, lightweight body, I can't actually think of a more amazing beginner's dslr. Plus I heard it fits with like 60 Canon lenses too! So soon I'll be able to take shots of anything!

Couldn't recommend it enough to anyone buying their first dslr. Maybe in a few years I'll think of something else I need it to do, but there sure isn't anything that comes to mind yet!!


Canon 5D Mk2

By Snaps 379

I've taken a lot of pictures with this camera including an African safari (see snaps379).

It is one of those pieces of equipment that does what it says on the box. Many of the photos from it need very little manipulation in Photoshop. They are well saturated, reasonably sharp and have good contrast.

The camera is reliable and the handbook is only 260 pages compared with my Nikon which is about 480. This means that the camera is fairly simple to operate for an experienced photographer. The camera has a dust prevention system which keeps the camera's sensor much cleaner than the old 5D Mk 1.

Fully loaded with batteries and compactflash the camera weighs about a kilo. The battery usually lasts me all day - that's about 700 photos. I don't like the on/off switch which is stiff and in the wrong place. The mode dial does sometimes get turned accidentally when quickly removing it from my camera bag. Both of these problems have been solved in the new MK 3.

My normal lens is the 24-105mm f4 which is good, but obviously suffers from distortion at the wide end. My best lens is the 70-200mm F4 which is a real gem. It's light, it's sharp and it is accurate.

Unfortunately I have bought the new Nikon D800, which probably doesn't take better photos (photographers do that), but is an exciting machine.

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