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Standard Picture Frame Sizes and Tips for Framing Photos

Measuring pictures and buying picture framing hardware

standard picture frame sizes

Here some quick answers to commonly asked questions about standard picture frame sizes and measuring prints for a frame.

Framing photos is basically piece of cake! Finding the right picture framing hardware and then putting it all together is really simple - so long as you bear in mind a small handful of tips which are covered in the linked articles.

But before you set off, there's the question of size...

How should the size of your picture relate to the frame? What happens if you have an unusual shaped picture? What if you want to change the dimensions of the print by adding a border? What are the most common picture frame sizes?

Here's a list of questions with short, sharp answers that should put to bed some of your questions concerning the size of frame to choose:


Why Not Frame Photos Online?

Click, click, done! It doesn't give you the same sense of satisfaction, but when you feel like being lazy online framing is the way to go!


What are the standard picture frame sizes?


Certain picture frame sizes are just a lot easier to find. Everywhere from general department stores, to craft shops, gifts shops and DIY outlets will tend to stock picture frames in the following sizes:

5 x 7

8 x 10

11 x 14

16 x 20

18 x 24

20 x 24

24 x 30

24 x 36

Click on the above sizes to see frames of the respective size.


How do I choose the right sized frame?


Just buy a frame that matches the size of what will be put in it! But sometimes, of course, that's not just the picture.

Placing a matte between the print and the glass serves an important practical and aesthetic purpose, and changes the required dimensions of the frame.


How do I choose the best size of matte?


The size of the border created by the matte is pretty much an aesthetic issue when framing photos. Personally, I tend to prefer the large borders that you see used in art galleries. I think this draws attention to the image, whilst thin fussy lines around the edge of a picture can be a distraction.

But no picture is the same and the best thing is to experiment! Take a piece of card and place it at one corner of your print. Play around with seeing how different border sizes look.

When you find something that seems to look right, measure out the size of the border to a round number and make a note.


How do I measure the matte and the picture together?


Just add the size of the border you have chosen to the size of the print! So if you have chosen a border of 5 inches all around your picture, simply add 10 inches to the height and width measurements - because there are 5 extra inches at each side as well as on the top and bottom.

Now you've got the size of frame you'll need!


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But what if I want to stick to standard frame sizes?


You can still stick to standard picture frame sizes when using a matte. Just be conscious of the overall size to aim for when measuring out your border along with the picture.

So choose a size of border that makes the final dimensions of picture + matte equal to a larger standard frame size. It reduces your freedom in choosing the size of border a bit but makes it easier to get hold of a frame quickly.


So is framing photos that don’t fit into standard picture frame sizes difficult?


Not at all. In fact, it's often easier to do so when framing photos because the image dimensions produced by cameras don't tend to match those of standard picture frame sizes.

Craft and framing stores will sort you out with the perfect frame to fit your photo, no matter what size it is.

Some of the best online photo printing services are also a great option to go for. They allow you to upload a picture from your computer, choose the size of print and type of frame, see a preview, click order and wait for it to arrive! Not bad really!

What is the best service to use? Well I really like PhotoBox. Their website is really easy to use, the quality of their prints is brilliant and they offer a good range of sizes. Photobox also allow you to create personalized canvas prints and lots of other cool stuff!


Where's the best place to print gift cards?

Here's where I like to get greetings cards and postcards online.


Have Your Say and Share Your Photos

Where do you get frames when not sticking to standard picture frame sizes? Where do you go for framing photos online? Share your experiences.

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