The Photography Crash Course:
17 short lessons to camera mastery


Are your photos good...but still missing something?

Most people can take quite nice pictures these days. But there remains a huge gap between "snapshots" and amazing images created with a proper understanding of camera controls and photography techniques.

It might seem like quite a big mountain to climb! But actually, the knowledge and tools you require to start producing some genuinely stunning photography can be gained more quickly than you would think.

The Photography Crash Course is a brand new e-book that provides this information in a compact and accessible format. You will learn the real ingredients of high quality images - not just the core basics that can be researched anywhere.


The Photography Crash Course Is A Guide For Anyone Who...

Discover the building blocks of eye-catching photography

The lessons in The Photography Crash Course explore the key techniques required for producing great images. You will gain a solid understanding of your camera and the most valuable methods for producing images that actually have an impact on the viewer.

This book is all about providing you with the tools to create striking and powerful images, through a carefully selected combination of important technical, creative and equipment advice. By the end of the 17 lessons you will be confident about creating a range of images very effectively: from portraits and landscapes, to indoor scenes and fast-paced sport...


The Contents of the Book:

The Photography Crash Course is arranged into 17 lessons/chapters. You can work through these at your own pace, slowly moving towards becoming an accomplished photographer. At the end of each chapter is a set of 3 projects which will a) help to cement the techniques you've just discovered, and b) provide an opportunity to create some awesome shots.

By the time you have finished the book you should feel empowered to use your camera to its full potential, and have developed an increased love of photography thanks to the amazing results you're able to achieve!

The 17 lessons:

  1. An Overview of Essential Gear
  2. Exposure and the Exposure Triangle
  3. Understanding Aperture
  4. Understanding Shutter Speed
  5. Understanding ISO
  6. Understanding the Light Meter
  7. Exposure Compensation
  8. Exposure Bracketing
  9. Shooting Modes and Scene Modes
  10. Introducing The Histogram
  11. Understanding White Balance
  12. RAW vs JPEG
  13. Achieving "Tack" Sharp Photos
  14. Introducing Flash Photography
  15. Composition Tips For More Interesting Pictures
  16. The Secrets of Finding Photography Ideas and Subjects
  17. Photography Gear Maintenance Tips

PLUS: An extensive (8 page) glossary of useful terms, with concise definitions of important concepts.

The Glossary is an extremely handy reference for quick explanations of key terms and concepts

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What Makes The Photography Crash Course Different?


Chapters are well illustrated with photos and diagrams. Information is presented in digestible chunks.


60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide The Photography Crash Course is not right for you, simply let me know within 60 days and I will immediately refund you. I'm extremely confident that this guide will help you to become a much more knowledgeable, accomplished and creative photographer.


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