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I whittle on far too much here at Photography Art Cafe - it's time for you to get a word in edgeways! This is your chance to say what you think and show us some of your best photos!

Love your camera? Give it a review. Found a great magazine? Let's hear about it. Made a killing selling your pictures? I'd love to know how you did it! Share your stories, experiences, tips and opinions.

Would you like to show your best photos to thousands of Photography Art Cafe readers? They'd love to see them! Plus, you'll be sure to get some great feedback and comments.

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Which of your photos are you most proud of? Don't keep them to yourself! We'd all love to have a look and let you know what we think about them. Upload and share your pictures here.

Your opinions, experiences, tips and reviews
What's the best camera you've ever owned? Whose photos inspire you? How long have you been a photographer? Ever tried selling your shots? Choose from the categories below and share your personal experience and knowledge.

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Add your comments beneath other visitors' submissions. There are some interesting discussions and stories worth checking out! Browse through the categories below to find a subject you're interested in.
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Share Your Photos!

Upload Your Best Photos

What are the best photos you've ever taken!? Choose some shots that you're really proud of and show them to everyone at Photography Art Cafe. We'd love to see them, and you're sure to get plenty of feedback!


Great Photographers / Inspiring Pictures

Your Favourite Photos/Photographers

What are the photographs that inspire you? Perhaps there's a photographer whose work you have a passion for? Talk about it! We want to hear about the photography you love, and why.


Your Gear Reviewed!

Review Your Camera, Lens, Tripod...

What do make of your camera? How long have you had it? Are you happy with it? Talk about the photography equipment you use: Share your opinons, stories and reviews.


The 'Art' of Photography...!?

Is Photography an Art?

Yep, that old chestnut again! But it remains an interesting debate, and if you have an opinion, Photography Art Cafe is the place to share it.


Turning a Profit With Photography

How Do You Sell Your Pictures?

How have you managed to make money with photography? What are the secrets of your success (or lessons from total disasters!)?


Brilliant Books and Magzines

Which Books and Magazines Would You Recommend?

Everyone has a handful of favourite photography books, or a magazine they've learnt loads from! From coffee table photo books, to practical guides, which publications have impressed you?


Printing Pictures Online

What's Your Favourite Online Printing Company?

Tell us what you think about an online printing service you've used. How was the quality and was it worth the price?


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