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It's a craze that has swept the web, but which are the top photo sharing sites?

For amateurs and professionals alike, the resources, communities and services offered by the best photo sharing websites make them a huge hit.

Web photo sharing allows you to upload and organise your pictures online; to share them with friends, family and other keen photographers; to receive feedback, tips and ideas; to enter competitions; to gain exposure for your portfolio, and so much more.

Here are my personal favourite photo sharing communities (what are yours?)...

  1. Flickr
  2. Photobucket
  3. Fotki
  4. Smugmug


1. Flickr

Everyone has heard of Flickr. Like all the best websites, it is clear, unfussy and easy to use. It's free to create an account with 100MB of storage space available to fill each month.

There are a vast number of photos on Flickr and thousands of groups, galleries, discussions and so on. People are very eager to share feedback with each other and congratulate someone when they've produced a good shot. You can organise your photos into sets, create galleries or 'favourites' collections of your favourite pics by other people, and even upload video footage.

 An upgrade to 'Pro' membership costs $25/year and gives unlimited storage space.


2. Photobucket

Photobucket is also one of the top photo sharing sites. It is free to create an account, which allows for 500MB of storage space. You organise your pictures, join groups and receive helpful feedback.

Photobucket also features some built in image editing software. It's really easy to boost contrast or sharpness, or add some special effects to your photos with this tool.

Photobucket provides a fairly comprehensive printing service, with fine art prints, canvases and cards available as well as a range of other photo gifts. You can use this to create items and prints from your own images, or from the pics in the Photobucket galleries. The photo sharing gallery at Photobucket is full of impressive shots that are worth looking through. Videos can be uploaded too.

An upgrade to a 'Pro' membership comes at $25/year and gives unlimited storage space.


3. Fotki

Fotki is a free photo sharing site with 1000MB of free storage space. An active and vibrant community provides a great place to share photos, or videos, and receive feedback on your work.

There is an interesting commercial dimension to Fotki. If you wish to convert the exposure gained through your Fotki portfolio into an opportunity for income, it is possible (and simple) to place images for sale as prints, cards or other photo gifts. (How to sell photos online)

You can also use their printing service to order your own images as prints, canvases and so on.

A 'Premium' membership upgrade costs $27/year and brings unlimited storage space.


4. Smugmug

Smugmug is definitely one of the top photo sharing sites for those of you interested in selling your work. It is not free. There are 3 account types: Standard, Power and Pro. The latter 2 actually enable you to customise the look and feel of your area on Smugmug, whilst Pro gives you the option to place images up for sale. All accounts have unlimited storage.

When selling images from Smugmug you can easily apply a watermark to the previews - to prevent copyright violation - and set the prices yourself. So you create a cool photo sharing gallery, as well as a little business. Lots of photographers choose to use Smugmug as an outlet. (How to sell photos online)

Smugmug's printing service also allows you to order personalised photo gifts of your images, including prints and canvases. Alternatively you can search photo sharing galleries at Smugmug with images for sale.



Don't forget that you could always create your very own unique website. Photography website templates make this a breeze to achieve, even though it sounds daunting. You can tailor the design to your own personal taste, put up galleries of your work and even make a few sales! (How to sell photos online)


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