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N.B. Articles by new authors are not currently being considered.

Writer limit reached. If you have already submitted articles to Photography Art Cafe you are, of course, free to continue doing so. But I'm afraid I will not be considering submissions from new authors for the time being. This notice will be changed accordingly when submissions from new authors are being accepted again.

Are you passionate about photography? Have you ever wondered what all that knowledge you have accumulated might be worth (apart from for taking awesome photos, of course!)?

Well, it's certainly worth something here at Photography Art Cafe. This site aims to provide aspiring photographers with all the knowledge and information they need to create amazing pictures.

How much do you know now that you didn't know when you first started taking photographs!? I bet you don't have to think about that for long before your head starts spinning, right!?

Well, each time you pass on just a little piece of that knowledge, in the form of a 600 - 900 word article, you can earn $45 (£30) from Photography Art Cafe.

So, if you think you could provide any of the following, this could be an opportunity for you:

...In short, just about any subject that comes under the diverse categories that are covered throughout Photography Art Cafe.


Submit an Article Now! Writers' Guidelines Writers' Agreement (must read)


So, how does it work?


Full details can be found through the links below, but this is a quick summary:

To ensure that the quality of your articles is adequate, your first submission will serve as a test. If it is well informed, clearly written (with good spelling and punctuation) and of 600 - 900 words, it will be accepted and published on the site.

You will receive instant payment of $45. Thereafter, you will be entitled to submit up to 7 articles per week (there is no minimum number of articles that you can sumbit. You are free to write as many and as in/frequently as you choose).

Acceptance Mark

All payments are made by Paypal, because that is the safest way to make transactions online. So you will need to have a Paypal account, either Personal or Business. You can set one up in a matter of minutes here.

To receive payment, all you have to do is include your Paypal email address at the bottom of your submitted article. Photography Art Cafe will send $45 to your Paypal account, from where you can easily withdraw the funds into a bank account.

In addition to payment, you will receive credit as the author. But, once you have received payment for an article, copyright is transferred to Photography Art Cafe.

After submitting 10 articles, you will be given your own page on Photography Art Cafe, as a tool for promoting yourself as a photographer, with a link to your online galleries or website. Photography Art Cafe is a PR3 site with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per year.


Photography Art Cafe Writers' Guidelines

Here is a guide to writing articles for Photography Art Cafe. It will give you an idea of how best to write your article, to ensure it is accepted for publication.


Photography Art Cafe Writers Terms and Conditions

This is the full contract that you must have read and agreed to in order to submit your first article to Photography Art Cafe. (Don't worry, it's not that painfully long!).

If you have any questions remaining at all, please do not hesitate to put them directly to me, here.


Submit Your Article Now!

Now, are you ready to submit your article? Great! Just follow the link and copy your article into the form, filling out the necessary fields. I can't wait to read your work!


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