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Hi, I'm Josh Austin, thanks for visiting Photography Art Cafe.

So, what's this site all about? Well, my intention is to provide a resource covering all of the things that have emerged as the most useful for me in developing as a photographer over the past few years.

I'm sure I'm not alone in being all too familiar with the confusing mass of jargon that frequently takes the place of straight forward explanations. My goal is to make everything as clear as possible, without assuming you spend your life buried in piles of photography magazines!

I've always been interested in photography, but after taking a year's course in digital photography a few years ago have become fairly hooked. I have taken work on a newspaper, done a range of different commissions, and sold prints of my work both online and offline.

My photography has improved in equal part through getting the hang of the technical side and discovering the work of brilliant photographers.

Spending time looking at other people's work is just a fantastic way to develop a feel for the kind of thing you respond to visually. So I've included a section on famous photographers on the site.

I hope that as Photography Art Cafe grows it will become an increasingly valuable place for people looking to expand their knowledge of all things photography.

The site is updated regularly, so come back and check out the new material!

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