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Famous Photographers - Introducing Some of the Biggest Names In Photography

I don't quite know what qualifies people as 'famous photographers'. As in any field, there are lots of reasons why someone, or their work, can become notorious.

In photography, it can sometimes be a single image that catapults somebody into the public consciousness. Equally, there many great photographers who remain relatively obscure in the public mind, but are held up as masters within the photographic community.

So I don't want to get hung up on the whole idea of fame, recognition, reputation and where/whether it's deserved. I basically just want to share a little bit about some photographers, who are generally considered to be amongst the pre-eminent names in their area.

The guys discussed below have all taken some really wonderful photographs that I think you should know about and will enjoy exploring. This categorized list (inexhaustive but interesting) could be a good starting point.

I've also put together some short biographies, collections of my favourite photography quotes, guides to a selection of famous portrait photographers, famous landscape photographers, famous sports photographers and more. That's it. Intro over. Let's take a look...


List of Great Photographers

What's the point in making a list of famous photographers? Well, you'll find it a handy reference point and a good place to start exploring a selection of big names. There are 38 people on this list. How did I decide who to include? By mixing a measured, fair approach and complete personal subjectivity!


A categorized famous photographer list

A list of 38 brilliant photographers, in 5 categories, that all photography lovers should know about (inexhaustive of course!).


Famous Photographer Biographies

Brief, mini bio's of a selection my favourite photographers. Not so much info you lose all interest, but not so little as to be pointless.

I hope you enjoy getting to know the people behind some of the most iconic photos ever taken, with these famous photographer biographies.


Henri Cartier Bresson Steve McCurry Ansel Adams Margaret Bourke-White
Nick Brandt Dorothea Lange Galen Rowell Alfred Stieglitz
Lewis Hine Andre Kertesz Diane Arbus Saul Leiter
Robert Capa      



Tank Man

Jeff Widener Interview: Tiananmen Square Tank Man - The Photographer's Story
The man behind one of the world's most recognisable images - Tiananmen's Tank Man - shares how the image was taken and what he is working on now.


Famous Photography Quotes

I don't know about you, but I have a habit of remebering brilliant quotes...for about a day! So instead of lucklessly scratching around my mind for that thingy Ansel Adams said about tonal contrast, or that wonderful snippet of wisdom from Susan Sontag, I've written all my favourites down! See what you think - here's my selection of famous photography quotes.


Quotes by category:

Taking photos
Capturing reality
Post processing
Is photography art?
Artists and writers on photography


Famous Photographers by Genre

Mini bio's of famous landscape photographers, famous sports photographers, famous portrait photographers and famous fashion photographers. We all know about Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz etc., but there are so many other great photographers out there to discover. This will help you make a start.


Famous portrait photographers

10 of my favourite famous portrait photographers. These guys really get under the skin of their subjects and reveal something interesting.

Famous landscape photographers

There's more to landscape photography than Ansel Adams! Here are 10 photographers with an incredible ability to capture the natural world.

Famous fashion photographers

Not easy to pick 10, but here's my list of famous fashion photographers behind some of the most iconic shots of all time.

Famous sports photographers

Some of the most famous photography comes from sport; Mohammed Ali anyone!? But who's behind the lens?

Famous documentary photographers

Here are 10 totally inspiring documentary photographers, with brief bios, useful links and some short videos.


Other Categories

I thought it would be interesting to look at certain categories of photographers as a whole.

A broad sweep over some of the most influential American photographers, for example.

Can anything be said about the role women have played collectively in the history of photography?


Famous American Photographers

America has been a big home of photography for a long time, so choosing a list of my 10 favourites was tough!

Famous Women Photographers

Many of my favourite photographers are women. Here's a look at 10 great female photographers and some thoughts on possible things they have in common.

Here I've reviewed the stand-out coffee table photography books in my collection (the 3 below). At any one time I always have 1 of these on full show in my flat!

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