Learn To Sell Photos Online Through Your Own Website or Stock Photo Websites

Have you ever thought about how to sell photos online for a decent profit, but ended up resigned to the idea that it seems an uphill task? You certainly wouldn't be the only one!

I've made lots of mistakes, and pursued plenty of dead-end avenues trying to make money from photography using the web. But I've also learnt that it can be done - and I really want to show you how!

There are some outstanding tools that photographers of all levels can use to sell pictures online very successfully. But if you're looking for the latest 'miracle' way to get rich overnight - move along now!

Stay well away from advice that seems 'too good to be true'; it is! By doing a few simple things well, and being patient, you'll be able to take full advantage of the power of the web and sell your photos very successfully!


How to Sell Photos Through Your Own Profitable Website

how to sell photos

"Your own profitable website" - I guess that sounds pretty daunting, unfamiliar, technical...not really you? Join the club! It wasn't long ago that I was a true internet ignoramus! But I was fortunate to stumble on 2 or 3 wonderful resources aimed at people who are slightly clueless, but nevertheless serious, about creating a small online business.


The A, B, C of how to start a website

Feeling overwhelmed by the whole website idea? Head already spinning with jargon? Don't worry - normal symptoms! Let's take a breather and make sense of everything, starting from the very beginning.

Photography website templates from Wix

These stunning photography website templates will provide you a place to proudly display and sell pictures online.

Photography website templates from Squarespace

Another easy but effective option. I've been really impressed by the templates and service offered by Squarespace. Here's my review.

The ultimate tool for creating a profitable site - Site Build It!

This is the most valuable resource that exists for anyone interested in online business. It has unmatched success rates, and if you want to learn how to sell photos online successfully, please check it out!


Secrets of Stock Photography!

Give yourself a big headstart selling stock photos by learning from a seasoned pro!

how to sell photos


How to Promote Your Photography Online

how to sell photos

So you've got a shiny new website, with cool galleries set up, and are poised for the first sale...nothing! No visitors = no sales.

I know lots of photographers who imagine there's some kind of alchemy involved in building traffic to a website. This is nonsense and makes me quite cross! It's a notion created by people who like others to feel ignorant so they can sell them stuff. Here are some of my top tips on how to sell photos online.


How to increase web traffic to your online galleries

What's the first thing you need to sell pictures through a website? Visitors! Here are some tips to put you ahead of the competition.

5 key elements of art marketing online

Learning how to sell photos online can actually be a lot of fun. Here are 5 simple steps that will help you find buyers for your photography.

5 tips for an online photography business plan

Sometimes photographers think just having a website is enough. Nope! Here are 5 key building blocks of your online business plan.

5 common small business online marketing slip-ups

Sadly, these mistakes keep lots of photographers' online ambitions grounded. Learn how to sell photos properly and avoid these clangers!


The Business of Photography, by Nick Stubbs

What could you learn from a successful pro of 25 years...?

He guides you through the whole process of starting a photography business in this down-to-earth, terrifically comprehensive book.


Stock Photo Websites and Other Options

how to sell photos

Stock photo websites have revolutionised the photography business. They provide exciting opportunities for professionals and amateurs alike.

But, just as when building your own photography business, there's no such thing as a free lunch! You get out what you put in, and there are rules to the game. Here's a look at how to sell photos through stock sites and other gallery hosting sites.


Introduction to stock photo websites

Let's make sure we understand the basics first. What actually are stock photo websites and why should you be interested in them?

12 tips for selling stock photography

Everyone has photos rejected by stock photo websites. Don't be disappointed - work out what you need to do to get them accepted.

A pro landscape photographer's perspective: how to sell stock photos

Fine art landscape photographer, David Fleet, shares his insights on - and personal experiences with - the stock photo market.

Secrets of a world-beating stock photographer!

This little book has it all. Nick Stubbs has made a living from stock photography and shows you how to do the same with this ebook.

How to sell pictures online the easy wasy: host sites

Here's how to sell photos the easy way, through gallery hosting sites like Redbubble. They do all of the back end stuff like printing and distributing for you!

Sell Art Online With Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce option that all photographers and artists should have on their radar. Here's the lowdown on what to expect.


Trusted Guides to Making Money With Photography

how to sell photos

Anyone with a passion for photography can sell their work, or even make a career out of doing so, at any age. If you love taking great photos, the opportunities abound. But we all need to be pointed in the right direction first.

So I'll let you know about the guides that I have enjoyed the most. They bring order and optimism to the chaos and competition of the photography world!

3 books on making money with photography

I have 3 books that are invaluable to me when it comes to selling my work. You'll feel more confident about how to sell photos after reading any of these.

In this DPS guide, professional photographers and magazine photo editors walk you through how to publish and sell pictures. It's 91 pages of hard-earned knowledge and advice.

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